Market bug

Yesterday during raids I decided to switch char, so gave the leader star to Haleyh and switched. When I returned I tried to ask for the star back while I was on my guild ship, but I was unable to send Halyeh tells, and he was unable to send me tells or pass me star. The star was passed to Klorox who was able to pass me the star. Trying to get to market from my guild ship, twice I got stuck in loading, and after restarting my client for the second time, I decided to go to the harbor and enter market that way, which seemed to work.

Later when IronMaw was trying to join the party he was unable to join by clicking the lfm. Hamster tried as well and couldn’t either. We were unable to send Iron tells and I could not invite him. I moved to harbor and tried again and this time I was able to invite him. Then when entering the raid, the only one who managed to get into the raid was Iron.. who apparently entered from Market instance 1. Everyone else who were in market 2 got stuck in loading. After me an a few others had restarted the client a few times, we figured out that we needed to be in market 1 to be able to enter the raid.

So, my guess is that there was something wrong with marketplace instance 2?

That’s all, ty for stopping by.

By ddomicki Posted in Bugs

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