How to flag for Caught in the Web

I started the recordings on April 4th and finally finished them last Monday. And now I finally have the videos appended and uploaded to YouTube. The Caught in the Web flag is I’m sure the longest flagging in the game, unless you count farming for sigil pieces in Necro 4.

To flag for Caught in the Web, you have to run the following quests:

Web of Chaos chain + Beyond the Rift (level 16 heroic normal, 21 epic normal). To flag for the Eveningstar chains you can run them heroic or epic. After you’ve run the 4 quests, you can use the rift to get to Eveningstar. I always run them heroic, so for these videos I ran them again on epic.

The Lords of Dust
Servants of the Overlord
The Spinner of Shadows
Beyond the Rift

The first time you run The web of Chaos chain + Beyond the rift, the quests have to be completed in order as each quest run flags you for the next one. The other 3 chains, the quests within the chain will flag you for the final quest, which then opens the next chain. The 3 quests within each chain can be completed in any order. To flag for the final, you have to return to Eveningstar and pick up the quest rewards.

Eveningstar chain 1 (level 21 epic normal)

Impossible Demands
The Unquiet Graves
The Lost Thread
Final: The Battle for Eveningstar

Completing The Battle for Eveningstar also opens/ flags you for the two quests Don’t drink the Water and In the Belly of the Beast.

Sschindylryn/ Eveningstar chain 2 (level 22 epic normal)

The House of Rusted Blades
The House of Broken Chains
The House of Death Undone
Final: The Portal Opens

The Demonweb/ Eveningstar chain 3 (level 23 on epic normal)

Trial by Fury
The Deal and the Demon
Reclaiming the Rift
Final: Caught in the Web

In these videos I’m running the quests epic elite at level, that is 2 levels higher than the quest level on normal. The first chain Web of Chaos, since I had already completed it once heroic, I chose to run Spinner of Shadows epic hard instead of elite, as it’s a quite difficult quest to solo. During the flag I died a total of 6 times, of which 2 were after the quest had completed. 2 cakes were used as I at those two times were out of reach of a shrine (in Servants of the Overload and in Death Undone). This was the first time I’ve ever solo’d the whole flagging. The first three quests felt quite challenging, but once I took level 25 and upgraded my gear to level 25 gear, things felt much easier.

That’s all for this post, thank you for stopping by.

P.S. After the Sschindylryn quests I also solo’d Don’t drink the water and In the Belly of the beast. If you would like to see those recordings, you can see them here: DdtW & Belly
P.P.S After you’ve flagged for CitW, you can rerun any of the quests in any order.


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