LE/EE raids week 23

After last week’s fiasco with Shroud, this week (well technically last week) I decided I was going to post for Reaper TS, and LN Riding the Storm Out. I posted for TS reaper 3 first, and waited for a full party with a character for strength and intelligence. Both of these joined rather fast, so the rest of the waiting was just for people to join. It took about half an hour to fill, and then another half hour to complete the raid. I managed to not die until the end fight, but during the end fight I got targeted by Sorjek several times and died. Reaper 3 takes about 10 minutes longer than reaper 2, in my experience.

Then I posted for Riding the Storm out. 50 minutes later I had a full party and we started. People weren’t too keen on doing the puzzles, but I eventually got 2 people to volunteer. First fight, main area and dragon went pretty well.. and then off to the side area. The plan was to stay together, but that failed right away. We went to clear the shrine to start with, which I then realise was pointless as mobs will keep spawning, and the shrine is not behind a locked gate. Then we ended up splitting up, half the party went south east, other west.

I now realised it was in the wiki, but someone in the party figured out how the pillars work… you have to have the lightning storm on you, stand on the rune in front of the pillar and let it hit you 3 times. That lights up the pillar and opens the gate to the puzzle. Someone also said that the pillars or puzzles show up on the map after the puzzle has been completed, but I can only see 5 on my screenshot (circled with red), even though all were completed at the point the screenshot was taken.

Anyway, we finished up the puzzles, then headed back to center for the end fight. This fight went better than last time, faster too. We finished the raid in 48 minutes this time.. but sadly I forgot to screenshot the quest report. After this raid I joined a group for some reaper questing, but I will not post pics of that in this post.

Next time I plan to do the same TS + RSO.. maybe even 2 runs of RSO if I can get people to join.

That’s all for this time.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. I don’t know if I should continue calling the raids LE/EE since we’re currently only doing TS… but maybe we’ll start doing more soon. We’ll see.

P.P.S Reaper difficulty and racial reincarnation definitely hurt raiding…


3 comments on “LE/EE raids week 23

    • The ‘end game’ population on Orien has been in decline for the last 2 years if not more… Basically, there’s a very limited amount of people who have the characters or skills to do the raids on the difficulty that I’d like to.. and when most of them go back to TR’ing, no one to a very few are joining the raids. 😦

      But, yes, hopefully things will pick up soon, when the initial buzz has cooled down.

      Am I the only one who always keeps 1-2 characters at cap for raids?

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