LE/EE raids week 22

It’s already Thursday night and I’m only now doing the blog about last week’s raids. I did upload the pictures days ago, I just haven’t gotten around to writing the actual blog til now.

Saturday I was a bit late, maybe 15 min, and I posted for LE Shroud. I’ve for the time being given up on attempting to do reaper, as most if not all of my regular raiders are TR’ing. Weii joined me, and we waited… about 40 min before I told him “I give up” and posted for hard instead. He wasn’t convinced it would make a difference.. and it didn’t, much. We got 2 or 3 joiners in half an hour, after which I was quite bored with waiting, so I decided to post for TS instead. Reaper 2.

TS filled a lot better, and as soon as I was sure I had someone for the int rune, and someone with enough strength to do the levers we started. We invised to the front door, started killing off the mobs… one person died, released and left party. I guess I haven’t been pugging reaper that much, because this was the first time I experienced the reaper lockout. Someone rage quits, and anyone not already inside the raid, will not be able to enter. We had 2 people locked out plus the now available spot. So we recalled and restarted. The rest of the raid went well, a few deaths, most of them in the end fight. I got blown off once this time, for the first time in several weeks. We finished in 26 min, and some named items dropped this time. I put mine up for roll.


Due to all the waiting, it was getting quite late, but I had decided that I wanted to try the new raid. I posted and while we were waiting I read wiki and watched parts of Omnipresence’s video of it. When I finally had a full party, I had a somewhat good idea of what needed to be done.. at least in theory. We entered on normal.

After struggling a bit to complete the first two puzzles (the time you have to do both is shorter than I thought it was going to be), we entered the main area. The skellies turned out to be quite easy, even the king.. and then we were off to do the first 6 puzzles in the main area. I had wanted us to stay together, but we ended up splitting so all 6 puzzles were completed almost at the same time. Then it was time to fight the dragon.

According to omni’s video, when the dragon turns yellow, you need to hide underneath her. We completely failed to do this, as I couldn’t even tell when the dragon was yellow. So we took a lot of damage and some died. But we managed to get through the fight, gathered underneath the platform and then went off to do the side area. This part was quit unclear. I knew we had to light up the pillars by stepping on 3 runes at the same time, and that we could be taking dot damage from lightning storm. I also knew that the runes would remove stacks and make you immune to the storm while standing on it… but that only one person at a time could stand on it. What wasn’t clear was what rune lights up which pillar, so we spent a lot of time just looking for runes and puzzles, and fighting trash. I also was looking for dead people and their stones.

Side area were a bit of a mess and we ended up splitting up even though it wasn’t the plan. But we struggled through and managed to finish the runes. And after runes it was time to fight the dragon again. Someone in the party was able to see the dragon’ s hp and told us it was over a million. To me it didn’t feel like that much, as we took her down faster than Sorjek in TS. Anyway, after 70 min in the raid the dragon went down and we got our first completion. I also recorded the run on someone’s suggestion. Check out the video below.

That is all for the raids for this time. Thank you for stopping by.


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