Running some reaper

I hadn’t done Tower of Frost on legendary, and I wanted to do the U35 quests on reaper. Yesterday I posted for The Newcomers 1 skull reaper, and my party filled rather fast. When I had a full party I suggested we do Black and Blue on 2 skulls, which wasn’t much more difficult. Today I wanted to do Tower of Frost on reaper 3, but after a long wait and no one joining, I lowered to 2 skulls and started solo. I was half way through second floor when I got my first joiner, and soon after we filled. The quest got a lot easier with more people, and we progressed nicely. The end fight was a bit challenging with the boss killing us over and over, but all in all it was a good run.

I noticed a few things during these runs, though. Thaz has been struggling to be useful for more than heals and rebuke foe in legendary raids, but here I was keeping up with the kill count. In the U35 quests I was imploding, spamming light spells and even mass frogging a few mobs… in Tower of Frost I couldn’t implode quite as much, but with comet and divine wrath in combination with the other spells, I too was getting some kills. I only had to step back a bit as I was draining on mana. Oh, and I noticed that I had healed Hoytarcher for over 10k with Divine Wrath one time. That’s more to him having awesome heal amp, than to me being an awesome healer, lol.

Anyway, here are Thaz’s stats at the start of The Newcomers:

The quest reports for Black and Blue and Tower of Frost. I forgot to screenshot The Newcomers:


The reaper xp for Tower of Frost was rather disappointing, though.

And then we have Thaz’s super heal:

Thaz is now only missing the favor from the new raid to have a full set again. Current favor total: 5615.

That’s all folk. Ty for stopping by.

P.S. Thazara is my first character that I played past level 2. She’s about 5.5 years old and has no heroic past lives, only epic.


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