LE/EE raids week 21

With the recent release of U35, I kind of expected people to be busy TR’ing, and I’m guessing that was the case this Saturday as well. I posted for LE Shroud at exactly 9pm (3pm EST)… and after about an hour we were only 7 people total. Someone suggested we do TS first to try and fill the party, and that worked… well sort of. I posted for reaper 2 TS and got a full party quite quickly. But after the TS run, I again couldn’t fill my Shroud group, so ended up switching to hard.

Tempest spine was fast and somewhat easy. I died in ice again, and a few people died in the end fight, but it was still pretty smooth.


Shroud… well, it didn’t really lag much this time and the run was pretty good. We had one of the keepers in part 1 end up up on a wall and blocked from spells, but he seemed to die when the portal went down. In part two we had to do the reds twice as we again failed to split them the first time. Part three was quick and easy, a few deaths from rainbow. In part 4 we took Harry out in one round and part 5 was quite standard.

The plan was to try out the new raid after shroud, but after waiting so long to get Shroud going, I felt too tired to do more. Me and Lubash did step in to have a look around, but that was it.

So that’s all for the raids for this week.
Ty you for stopping by.


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