I did it

I did it. I really wasn’t sure I would be able to, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Cerge recently hit 20 and I finished flagging for the raids where the flagging quests were in my level range. With hitting epic, I figured I was going to start doing some reaper quests. Reaper on epic means epic elite with penalties. I don’t really consider myself a person who solos EE quests. I have done a few, but I generally find it to be difficult and tedious. I much more prefer to run with a group. Reaper at level 20 (or any level for that matter), if you want to get the full benefit, you have to run quests where the level on normal is the same as yours. Which means the quest on EE will be 2 levels higher and add reaper penalties to that.

Anyway, on Sunday I posted for reaper 2 skulls for Bargain of Blood. Impatient as I am I decided to start solo, and parked a hire at the door in case I would need a raise.  I managed to kill off a couple of mobs before I was over run by mobs that killed me and then my hireling. I decided that if I was going to have to solo, I would attempt 1 skull instead of 2.

I released, repaired, healed up and went back into the quest – this time on one skull. Same tactics, shoot the mobs from afar, park the hireling away from danger. Run to hireling if I needed a bigger heal, but don’t let him fight. This seemed to work pretty well with me shooting the mobs and running backwards away from danger. I even managed to keep my hireling away from trouble… until I reached the last area before the end fight. I wasn’t prepared for how hard the traps hit, ended up dying and my hire too. I caked, picked up the hire’s stone and ran him back to the shrine. I left the hire there while I killed off the last of the trash mobs before the end fight… and then I died in the trap again.

Had to teleport my hire to me for a raise, buffed up and headed into the end fight. The end fight felt easier than the rest of the quest. The minotaur kept charging past me, and when the kobold boss activated, he pretty much stayed in spot and tried to cast spells on me, which didn’t bother me much. The hardest part I guess was the water ellies that spawn when you open the door to the chest. They nearly killed Albus a couple of times, so I had to move him around.

But yay! I finished my very first solo epic reaper quest. Sadly I seem to have left out the reaper xp in the quest report screenshot, but I believe it was around 375.

That’s all folks.
Thank you for stopping by.


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