Glitched hezrou?

Last week as I was running Bastion of Power I ran into this guy.

He looked like a normal hezrou, except he had no hp bar over his head, and I couldn’t damage him. He kept trying to hit me, though, of which I was dodging most of it.

Efter trying to fight him without success, I decided to… well, run away.

🙂 That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.


3 comments on “Glitched hezrou?

  1. The Hezrou is part of the small demon force that you fight at the very end. If you stand on the bridge, that is visible in your screenshot, you can actually see them making their way into the fortress lead by the Marilith. Guess some of the AI/aggro changes caused him to teleport up to you. Interesting he could hit you.

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