LE/EE raids week 19

This week there was a lot of  interest in Shroud reaper 1 skull. As soon as I put the lfm up, people started joining and pretty quickly we had a full group. I warned the party that this raid lags, and that we would restart if it lags too much. We ended up doing this a few times, twice someone recalled before I even had called a recall. So I told the party not to do that, to wait for my say so before recalling. After several restarts due to lag, we decided to do LE instead of reaper, and to just push through. It was a struggle and when we finally finished part 1 our hurler had dc’d. I knew we wouldn’t be able to finish part 2 without a hurler, but we decided to at least try. Not too long in my computer froze and I had to restart it. When I got back, most of the party was dead, so it was time to give up.


Instead I posted for Tempest’s Spine 2 skulls. It was slow filling, but once we had about 7 people I decided to start. It didn’t take long before the last spots were filled. I, as per usual, ran off to ice room and got killed, and died a few more times, but all in all it was a good run. The biggest difference to me between two and 3 skulls TS, is the length of the end fight. 3 skulls that we did last week took a lot longer. This time we finished in 22 minutes. I got completely skunked on loot, Thaz would like an upgraded version of her armor.

That’s all the raids for this week. After TS I logged off, as I had already spent a lot off time on Shroud.

Thank you for stopping by.


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