LE/EE raids week 22

It’s already Thursday night and I’m only now doing the blog about last week’s raids. I did upload the pictures days ago, I just haven’t gotten around to writing the actual blog til now.

Saturday I was a bit late, maybe 15 min, and I posted for LE Shroud. I’ve for the time being given up on attempting to do reaper, as most if not all of my regular raiders are TR’ing. Weii joined me, and we waited… about 40 min before I told him “I give up” and posted for hard instead. He wasn’t convinced it would make a difference.. and it didn’t, much. We got 2 or 3 joiners in half an hour, after which I was quite bored with waiting, so I decided to post for TS instead. Reaper 2.

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How to flag for The Shroud

I finally got to going through my Shroud flagging videos and uploaded them. This is how to flag for The Shroud.

  1. Head to the Tower of the Twelve and talk to Gustavine Kyerrh. He will give you the quest Finding Meridia
  2. Either run throught the Vale or use a level 3 guild ship navigator to get to Meridia.
  3.  Talk to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven to complete finding Meridia.
  4. Run the 5 quests out in the Vale and pick up the Shavarath stones from the end chest. Failing to collect the stone will prevent you from flagging. The quest you have to run and the stones you have to collect are:
    1. Running with the DevilsShavarath Stone of Battle
    2. Rainbow in the DarkShavarath Stone of Foresight
    3. Ritual SacrificeShavarath Stone of Might (purple)
    4. Let Sleeping Dust LieShavarath Stone of Strategy
    5. The Coalescence ChamberShavarath Stone of Victory
  5. After turning in the 5 quests, talk to  Valairea Satnarine to start and complete the greensteel crafting tutorial.
  6. Talk to Grandmaster Aaseamah Screven again to pick up the raid.

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Running some reaper

I hadn’t done Tower of Frost on legendary, and I wanted to do the U35 quests on reaper. Yesterday I posted for The Newcomers 1 skull reaper, and my party filled rather fast. When I had a full party I suggested we do Black and Blue on 2 skulls, which wasn’t much more difficult. Today I wanted to do Tower of Frost on reaper 3, but after a long wait and no one joining, I lowered to 2 skulls and started solo. I was half way through second floor when I got my first joiner, and soon after we filled. The quest got a lot easier with more people, and we progressed nicely. The end fight was a bit challenging with the boss killing us over and over, but all in all it was a good run.

I noticed a few things during these runs, though. Thaz has been struggling to be useful for more than heals and rebuke foe in legendary raids, but here I was keeping up with the kill count. In the U35 quests I was imploding, spamming light spells and even mass frogging a few mobs… in Tower of Frost I couldn’t implode quite as much, but with comet and divine wrath in combination with the other spells, I too was getting some kills. I only had to step back a bit as I was draining on mana. Oh, and I noticed that I had healed Hoytarcher for over 10k with Divine Wrath one time. That’s more to him having awesome heal amp, than to me being an awesome healer, lol.

Anyway, here are Thaz’s stats at the start of The Newcomers:

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LE/EE raids week 21

With the recent release of U35, I kind of expected people to be busy TR’ing, and I’m guessing that was the case this Saturday as well. I posted for LE Shroud at exactly 9pm (3pm EST)… and after about an hour we were only 7 people total. Someone suggested we do TS first to try and fill the party, and that worked… well sort of. I posted for reaper 2 TS and got a full party quite quickly. But after the TS run, I again couldn’t fill my Shroud group, so ended up switching to hard.

Tempest spine was fast and somewhat easy. I died in ice again, and a few people died in the end fight, but it was still pretty smooth.

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LE/EE raids week 20

As per my new routine, I posted for Shroud at 9 pm (3pm EST) on reaper 1 skull difficulty. At first there was really no interest at all, and I was considering cancelling raid night. It did take a long time to fill, over an hour, but eventually we had a full party and were ready to start. With the trees missing in the party, the lag was pretty much non existent, but I felt my party wasn’t quite ready for reaper. In our first attempt the portal keepers started spawning already at the second or third portal and everything turned messy. We did decide to give it a second try.

Second try was a bit better, we were a bit more organized, but at some point we ended up getting split up when chasing keepers, people dying, multiple keepers alive, and it was a failure again. I gave up on reaper. I suggested we run LE instead, but while we were waiting to refill the party after some people left someone suggested hard instead, so we ended up going in on LH.

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I did it

I did it. I really wasn’t sure I would be able to, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Cerge recently hit 20 and I finished flagging for the raids where the flagging quests were in my level range. With hitting epic, I figured I was going to start doing some reaper quests. Reaper on epic means epic elite with penalties. I don’t really consider myself a person who solos EE quests. I have done a few, but I generally find it to be difficult and tedious. I much more prefer to run with a group. Reaper at level 20 (or any level for that matter), if you want to get the full benefit, you have to run quests where the level on normal is the same as yours. Which means the quest on EE will be 2 levels higher and add reaper penalties to that.

Anyway, on Sunday I posted for reaper 2 skulls for Bargain of Blood. Impatient as I am I decided to start solo, and parked a hire at the door in case I would need a raise.  I managed to kill off a couple of mobs before I was over run by mobs that killed me and then my hireling. I decided that if I was going to have to solo, I would attempt 1 skull instead of 2.

I released, repaired, healed up and went back into the quest – this time on one skull. Same tactics, shoot the mobs from afar, park the hireling away from danger. Run to hireling if I needed a bigger heal, but don’t let him fight. This seemed to work pretty well with me shooting the mobs and running backwards away from danger. I even managed to keep my hireling away from trouble… until I reached the last area before the end fight. I wasn’t prepared for how hard the traps hit, ended up dying and my hire too. I caked, picked up the hire’s stone and ran him back to the shrine. I left the hire there while I killed off the last of the trash mobs before the end fight… and then I died in the trap again.

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Glitched hezrou?

Last week as I was running Bastion of Power I ran into this guy.

He looked like a normal hezrou, except he had no hp bar over his head, and I couldn’t damage him. He kept trying to hit me, though, of which I was dodging most of it.

Efter trying to fight him without success, I decided to… well, run away.

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How to flag for The Codex and the Shroud

The flagging for the legendary version of The Shroud is a lot shorter and easier than the heroic version. The legendary version only requires that you complete two quests; Creeping Death and To Curse the Sky and turn them in. The quests can be complete on heroic (level 15 on normal) or on legendary (level 31 on normal). If you are completing the quests while you yourself are below level 20, the quest giver for the raid will not be there. He will only show himself to someone who qualifies to run the raid, that is an epic character (20 and over). The only difficulty here is that the quests themselves are quite a bit harder than any of the older quests at the same level. Among other things the mobs are tougher and have more hp.

Check out my flagging video:

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