LE/EE raids week 18

I posted for reaper 1 skull Legendary Shroud at exactly 9 pm (3 pm EST) last Saturday. The party was slowly filling, but at 10 to 10 we were still missing a hurler and I decided that if we don’t get one by 10 pm, I’m going to switch to Darthwolf and let someone else have the last spot, which was saved for the hurler. 10 o’clock came, and I switched. Things were going somewhat ok, quite laggy but was progressing.. until we again failed to take out a portal keeper and failed the raid. So we retried on LE instead.

One person left the party and I reposted. The spot was filled by a hurler, so I decided to bring Maidae instead of Darthwolf. As we already had two fvs in the party, I felt that Maidae would be more beneficial to the party. LE went better. Maidae didn’t do quite as well as I would have liked, but she died less than Thaz usually does. Part 1 was a lot faster than the first attempt. In part 2 we had some deaths, but never near wiping. Part 3 was really quick and in part 4 we killed Harry in the first round. Not even part 5 was that big of a struggle and we finished the raid in 64 min. LE is definitely easier than reaper.


After the completed Shroud I suggested we do a TS 3 skulls. Some seemed to suggest it was a crazy idea, but I wasn’t worried. We struggled a bit in fire & ice, and the end fight took a lot longer than on LE, but we finished and got a nice chunk of reaper xp.

I asked the party if anyone wanted any specific raid, and someone said Deathwyrm on reaper 1. I figured, why not. Deathwyrm has gotten a lot easier of late so I was curious. I started solo as I always do, and was almost done with the second room puzzles before the others entered. The raid itself felt quite easy up until the end fight. There I realised we didn’t have a proper tank and designated heals, but had to improvise. First the ragers were giving us a lot of grief. Before we had them under control we had almost wiped and one or two people saved the day.

Once the ragers were taken care of, we were ready to attack the dragon. I was shooting both deathlords and the dragon, and after a while the shadows spawned. Me and Dudly took the portal while the others stayed on the dragon side. On the first try we didn’t find the right phylactery and had to try again. Second try only me and Dudly entered again, this time finding the phylactery. I don’t know who was controlling the dragon as this point, because the assigned tank helped collect crystals for the draco trap.

This is where things started turning really bad. Most in the party had their gear broken, which led to more deaths. All in all, we couldn’t kill the deathlords and trash to prep the dragon.. and after almost 3h in the raid, we gave up. A completion was not going to happen.

That’s all for this time.
Thank you for stopping by and happy questing.


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