How to flag for Ascension Chamber

I finally finished my flagging videos for Ascension Chamber, which you can check out below.

To flag for this raid:

1. Talk to Sir Rohine Stiedra to start the flagging and to pick up your sigil frame. If you already have one, you can throw this one away if you like. The frames and additional pieces stay through TR.
2. If you don’t already have the sigil pieces to fill your frame, you must run the four quests in the Orchard to gt them. Pick up and run:

Any of the sigil pieces may drop in any of the quests, but some are more likely to drop in a specific quest than others. Read more about this here.

Once you have completed your frame, talk to Sir Rohine Stiedra again to flag for Litany. To flag for the raid, you have to complete the 4 bosses in Litany and break the crystals on their tower, and you can only choose one boss per run. This means that you have to run Litany a minimum of four times to flag.

That’s all.
Ty for stopping by.


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