LE/EE raids week 16

The Germans TR’d, so this week I had to make do without them. I did post for Shroud Reaper 1 at 9 pm, but after a failed attempt, we decided to just do LH instead. The LH run was quick and easy and left us with a feeling of success, unlike the reaper attempt.


I did feel like we could do some of the other raids on reaper, though, so I posted for Tempest’s Spine 2 skulls. This run was very smooth. A few deaths here and there and the end fight took a bit longer than on LE, but still a good run. We of course did the short way, with only doing the first rune, the rune that keeps him from regenerating.

I was feeling a bit tired, so I wasn’t interested in doing any too long or difficult raids. I decided to post for Fall of Truth 2 skulls. I was a bit disappointed in this raid. We had a good group, the run was good, not too messy, but the death timer was long (2 minutes) and the reaper xp made it not really worth it. I got 79! Compare that to the TS one with 399.


I could have end the night there, but my group was interested in doing more. HOX was suggested, but since I was missing the Germans from the group, I didn’t really feel like attempting HOX. I suggested Fire on Thunder Peak instead. I think we could have done 2 skulls, but I was a bit chicken, so posted for 1 skull. The run was horribly laggy at times, so I guess it was a good that we didn’t do more than 1. I died a few times from getting dragon aggro, but other than that I had a good run. The lag did kill a few people, though, as they couldn’t heal themselves, while the mobs kept hitting them. Actually, now that I think of it, I think I died from lag once too.. even though I tried to run away from the mobs every time it got choppy.

Anyway, after fotp I was done for the night. Hopefully next week the Germans are back and we can do Reaper Shroud again. We’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by.


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