LE/EE raids week 15; Introducing Reaper

Update 34 and with it Reaper difficulty was out a few days ago. I was talking to Lubash a day after it was out, and he suggested we do LE/EE raids on reaper this week. I was a bit hesitant.. the raids have been going well, but I wouldn’t consider them that easy. But as I was told that 1 skull would be almost equivalent to EE, I figured why not. The worst that can happen is that we fail, right?

I posted for Reaper 1 skull at 9 pm (GMT +1) and the interest wasn’t as big as last week, but not bad anyway. Somewhat quickly we had an almost full party and I saved the last spot for a hurler. I was worried that we’d have to wait a long time, but soon we had a full party and off we went. Lag was.. well, bad. It seemed fine at first, but with the additional difficulty of Reaper, lag suddenly became a major issue. More than half way through p1 we couldn’t reach the portal keeper in time, and failed because of it. Everyone (except 1 person who was dc’d and got removed) was down for giving it a second go and off we went (after replacing the dc’d person).

This time, we still had lag, but I think we all were playing a bit better. Well, except me who forgot to repair my gear after the first attempt, and soon my inventory was overflowing, as more and more of my gear was breaking. We managed to get through p1 and off to p2. P2 was a bit more difficult, but with two people healing and raising, it didn’t feel that bad. It might have taken a little bit longer to prep them though. P3 went well as normally and I got to repair and reequip my gear. P4 lagged a bit, but we got Harry down in one round. The reds in p5 were a bit tricky and we had death’s there, both end bosses were tricky, but we got it done and I got my first Reaper xp.


I suggested we do a Tempest’s Spine and a Defiler on reaper as well. Starting with TS. I posted for 1 skull, but someone went in on 2, so we decided to do 2 instead. The run was pretty smooth, the only real difference I noticed was that the end fight took a bit longer than normally. After TS I had enough reaper xp to add my first point in one of the reaper enhancement trees.

Then I posted for Defiler. Again we entered on 2 skulls and as usually we almost wiped at the gate. We were struggling along, but what ended up killing us was the lag. We failed to take the executioners out on time which lead to the raid failing. Everyone was game for trying again, and we restarted on 1 skull instead. At the game things went a bit better, I died once and managed to not die again at that point. But even though this difficulty was a bit easier, we were still struggling with lag. I was getting very tired, so any time I died and had the reaper death timer, I would close my eyes for a bit. We got through to the end fight with losing 3 archons. The end fight went well, though, we only got bombardment once and only a few people died from it.  Due to sleepiness I called it for this week’s raid night after Defiler.

Until next time…


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