How to flag for Defiler of the Just

This flag is one of the simpler, if you don’t consider the quest difficulty. To flag for this raid, all you have to do is run the three archons quests, turn them in and talk to the chin giver. You can choose to flag on heroic or epic, on any difficulty.

The quests you have to run are:

And here is my flagging video.



How to flag for Ascension Chamber

I finally finished my flagging videos for Ascension Chamber, which you can check out below.

To flag for this raid:

1. Talk to Sir Rohine Stiedra to start the flagging and to pick up your sigil frame. If you already have one, you can throw this one away if you like. The frames and additional pieces stay through TR.
2. If you don’t already have the sigil pieces to fill your frame, you must run the four quests in the Orchard to gt them. Pick up and run:

Any of the sigil pieces may drop in any of the quests, but some are more likely to drop in a specific quest than others. Read more about this here.

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LE/EE raids week 18

I posted for reaper 1 skull Legendary Shroud at exactly 9 pm (3 pm EST) last Saturday. The party was slowly filling, but at 10 to 10 we were still missing a hurler and I decided that if we don’t get one by 10 pm, I’m going to switch to Darthwolf and let someone else have the last spot, which was saved for the hurler. 10 o’clock came, and I switched. Things were going somewhat ok, quite laggy but was progressing.. until we again failed to take out a portal keeper and failed the raid. So we retried on LE instead.

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How to flag for The Reaver’s Fate

The heroic Gianthold raid is called The Reaver’s Fate. The flagging is the same quests on heroic as on epic, but the quest givers are different. If you pick up the wrong quests you will still be able to run the quests, you will just not get flagged for the right raid. You also have to flag for Gianthold Tor and run it before you’re flagged.

Ok, so here’s what you do.
1. Talk to Cydonie to pick up the chain. You can also do this after running the first 3 quests.
2. Pick up and run: Madstone Crater (Blaze ar’Rhind), The Prison of the Planes (Nimbus Ar’Yorg) and A Cabal for One (Jorgundal ar’Grund)
3. Turn in the quests, then talk to Cydonie to flag for Tor
4. Pick up Tor from Crag, run it, turn it in.
5. Talk to Cydonie to be flagged
6. Pick up the raid from Agon Uruhond

And here is my flagging video:

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LE/EE raids week 17

When I logged this Saturday there seemed to be quite little people on.. but I posted anyway. I was, though, expecting to struggle to fill, I accepted anyone hitting the lfm, even though I felt like they might not have been quite ready for Legendary Shroud Reaper 1 skull. Soon I had a full party and we started. I had warned the party that the raid lags, but I don’t think some were quite prepared for how bad it gets at the portals in part 1. We were a bit slow, but I felt like we were getting things done.. until I missed that a second portal keeper had spawned right after the one we killed. I noticed it a bit late, we had about half the time you’d normally have when a portal keeper spawns.. we rushed in and failed.

I believe everyone in the party was up for another try, just on a different difficulty. We decided to give LE a try. I wasn’t quite sure about the party, but somehow we managed to struggle through. I kept an eye out for portal keepers and we killed them quickly. The biggest struggle was in part 2, where we all died and died and died. Most of us had our gear broken after p2. Luckily p3 went smoothly and we could repair our gear. I believe my bill was 139k.

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Maidae’s story -> Feb 13, 2017

December 14, 2012 I wrote a blog post called Maidae’s Story. A lot has happened since then. My plan back when I first made Maidae, was to make an end game monk, so I asked on the ddo forums, “what do I need to do to make an end game monk?”. I was told that I need 3 monk past lives and maybe one barbarian. That is where I started out.

The game has since then changed, and monks have changed. A pure melee monk wasn’t as good anymore. I still stuck to my plan, I did 2 monk past lives and one barbarian before switching to iconics and TR’ing at cap. I also did some epic past lives inbetween. Someone told me I also need fighter past lives, so I added that to my plan.

I think Maidae has been my favorite character for a while. I loved her as a pure monk back when, I liked her as a barbarian. I didn’t quite like her during her first fighter life, because it was a Cetus copy, and not my own. I liked her the most during her handwraps fighter-monk life (the life where she did 6 epic past lives), and I am enjoying her a lot as a monkcher. Maidae is probably the char I’ve done the most solo videos on as well (or at least raid videos).

Here’s the list of Maidae’s reincarnations:
November 12, 2012 True Reincarnation
August 20, 2013 Lesser Reincarnation
September 30, 2013 True Reincarnation
March 19, 2014 True Reincarnation
July 15, 2014 Epic Reincarnation
September 5, 2014 Epic Reincarnation
October 26, 2014 True Reincarnation
March 19, 2015 Epic Reincarnation
May 24, 2015 Epic Reincarnation
August 14, 2015 Epic Reincarnation
October 9, 2015 Epic Reincarnation
November 18, 2015 Epic Reincarnation
November 29, 2015 Epic Reincarnation
December 23, 2015 True Reincarnation

Which brings her to her current life as a morninglord monkcher. You can read about her current build, enhancements and gear setup here.

And here are some of her solo runs/ videos:
April 13, 2014 Litany of the Dead on bf fighter/ monk
March 22, 2015 solo EE Lords of Dust on lvl 23 fighter/ monk
March 22, 2015 solo EE The Snitch on lvl 23 fighter/ monk
May 22, 2016 eN Fall of Truth solo
May 22, 2016 EE Against the Demon Queen solo
May 22, 2016 EE Zawabi’s Revenge solo
June 5, 2016 Elite Tower of Despair solo
June 24, 2016 EE The Chronoscope solo
July 15, 2016 Elite The Shroud solo
August 31, 2016 Elite Tempest’s Spine solo
August 31, 2016 Legendary Normal Tempest’s Spine solo
September 20, 2016 LE Slave Pits of the Undercity solo
September 24, 2016 LE Secret of the Slavers’ Stockade solo
September 24, 2016 LE Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords solo failed
December 30, 2016 Elite The Reaver’s Fate solo
January 28, 2017 Solo (multibox) Titan raid and preraid

What does the future hold for Maidae? Currently she is working her way through solo raids, and is going to do some epic reincarnation… maybe when Cerge has reached cap and can take over as my second capped character. Since the game has changed so much, I believe I will need to do some paladin past lives as well for heal amp. She is a monk this life and will most likely be a fighter next life before doing paladin. Other than that, we’ll see.

How to flag for The Vault of Night

As you may know I’m doing a spreadsheet with “How to flag”, “Raid Solo” and “Raid with party”. I’m adding to it as I go, and I’m recording flagging videos where I’ve flagged a character solo. I don’t want to do flagging videos with pug.

To flag for The Vault of Night, pick up the chain from Marek Malcanus (or you can do it after you’ve completed the quests).
Then pick up, run and turn in the following quests:
Tharashk Arena (VoN 1)
The Prisoner (VoN 2)
The Jungle of Khyber (VoN 3)
Haywire Foundry (VoN 4)

You can if you like, talk to Marek Malcanus between the quests, but it isn’t needed. Once you’ve turned in the 4 quests, talk to him again, then you can head up to the raid entrance and talk to Barrow d’Kundarak to pick up the raid.

Here’s the video for the flag for The Vault of Night.

And if you want to check out the spreadsheet, you can see it here.

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Graphics glitch in Fall of Truth

This is bug that happens once in a while. I don’t exactly know what triggers it. I thought it happened if someone was dead when the raid finished, or maybe if someone had the boom virus when the raid finished. It looks like the boom virus/ cloud, but it does no damage. Check out my video below.

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Oh the world, how I’ve missed you

Yesterday, I believe it was, my U34 blog was mentioned in the DDO Chronicle. A mention isn’t anything new, but this blog post seemed to get more attention than some of the others. Clicking on the blog stats I was happy to see that a lot of people from a range of countries had been clicking on it: 🙂

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