LE/EE raids week 13

This Saturday I put up my lfm just after 9 pm my time (3pm EST), and it didn’t take long before I had a full party. This week The Shroud was terrible. It was so laggy that we restarted twice and on the third attempt we decided to fight through, but it was tedious and not fun. I even said on mic “I’m already bored with this”. Somehow we managed to get through and part 2 and 3 were fine. Part 4 didn’t lag as much as last week, and we managed to kill Harry in the first round, the dots got him as he started flying. My dot got the final hit, and I got 1 kill in the raid. Part 5 was good at first, but as we started fighting the rakshasa we started lagging, and had several deaths because of it. We managed to complete the raid in 68 min non the less.


Due to the lag in Shroud, I suggested we do a Tempest’s spine and not HoX, and Nurmaso and Lubash zerged through it as per usual. Someone got blown off and I went to get them, but ended up dying, so Nurmaso had to get us both.

It wasn’t that late, so I felt we still had time to do a few more raids. I posted for MoD next, and we got an almost full party. The run was somewhat quick and easy. After MoD I posted for Defiler, and got a full group. Defiler tends to lag horribly, but once we got past the first gate (where we again almost wiped), the raid progressed without too many issues. We did lose 3 archons though.

I was ready to quit for the night, but Erofen wanted a fot, so I figured why not. Fot is quick and easy. Or sort of. The run was quick and somewhat easy, but we did have a few deaths. I managed to  stay out of line of fire this time, and didn’t die.

After fot I was done for the night, spent a little while getting some screenshots for my Thazara blog, and then logged off.

Until next time…


3 comments on “LE/EE raids week 13

    • 🙂 /joinchannel EEraids endgame

      I put the Shroud lfm up at about 21:00 Swedish time on Saturdays. That’s the only every week raid that I currently post for. After Shroud it depends on what I feel like running, or if the group has suggestions.

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