Titan raid with pug

I had decided that I was going to lfm for the Titan raid last Monday – if any of my guildies would join. I had done a few practice runs on my own, and two with the guildies. I also did one lfm where I posted for the raid once I has completed the puzzles in the pre. This time I posted before I stepped in.

I had practiced multiboxing the raid by running Maidae as my main, and Zendarth and Godscraft as my assistants. This time I put up two lfms, Maidae as the raid group and Godscraft as taxi. I parked Godscraft in Restless Isles wilderness to teleport joiners to the Forge, after converting Maidae’s group to a raid group. Once you are a raid group, you can no longer enter Restless isles wilderness, but would have to teleport from a raid instance.

Anyway, lfms were up, I was checking Godscraft’s window once in a while to talk to and teleport joiners, while I was guiding my party through the raid. Jedli and Pocfu got to help me with the under water puzzle, while I did the green puzzle myself on Zendarth. Once we were ready to finish the pre, I took Godscraft’s lfm down and left him outside the raid – I had enough ppl in the raid not to need him.

I was preparing to do the raid the standard way by breaking pillars and using the lazer, but since we had a party member with greater ruin, this wasn’t needed and the titan could be insta killed. We finished the raid in about 1h 20 min. Check out the video below.

That’s all, ty for stopping by 🙂


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