LE/EE raids week 12

On Saturday I logged on at exactly 9 pm (GMT+1) and posted for Shroud. I was quickly joined by a few people and we waited a bit longer to fill, but not too long. We had a good amount of dps this run and I managed to stay alive much better than last week, I don’t think I had any deaths until p4. People were as per usual dying in part 2, but to me it felt like they were dying a lot less than normally, maybe due to the fact that we neither got devil nor the fire ellie. P3 was really fast, but the most interesting part must have been p4.  We always try to get Harry down in one round in p4, as the gnolls will heal him fast if you don’t. We started lagging a lot and Harry was only at half when the round was over. Round 2 we tried to out dps the gnolls, which was a complete failure, Harry was back to 100% when round 2 was over. For round 3 we decided to focus all dps on the gnolls before attacking Harry, and this worked really well. Once the gnolls were gone and we didn’t lag, we could easily finish off Happy. P5 was standard.


After Shroud I suggested we do TS and HOX, starting with TS. Lubash and Nurmaso are used to 2-manning this raid, so they started 2-man and were almost done before the rest of us  had even entered. I picked up the rune from Fire & Ice and joined them in the end fight, asking them to wait til everyone’s in.

Then I wanted to do a HOX. I felt like we had a good enough party to do it, we had someone who could do the charming/ summoning, Urgan could tank, I was rebuke foe, I think Urgan had consecrate, and we had someone who could buff the puppies. For some reason, once we got started things didn’t go so well. First attempt one of the puppies bugged in the first charming and wasn’t attacking Xy’zzy. When the puppies got uncharmed, it took too long to get them recharmed and soon we were over run by big beholders and I called a fail.

Second try the first charming went really well, we got her down to the first step/check before it ran out. But then I guess the buffer went off with the rest of the party or something, the puppies weren’t hasted etc. and then we had big beholders again. Third try we did get her down below the first check, but then we were again over run by beholders before we could get her down far enough. Three failures were enough for most, se we decided to do something else instead.

I posted for an epic hard Defiler, but Lubash and Nurmaso stepped in on elite, so I had to change the lfm. We’ve lag failed the last 3 attempts I’ve had in that raid, so haven’t really wanted to do it. My lfm said “Ready for a lagwipe?”. At the gate we lagged as per usual, only Nurmaso and Lubash survived. They got us through and back up, though, and we could continue the raid. We didn’t lag too much, and managed to rescue all archons but one. In the end fight we skipped the snake and went straight for the boss. We had one bombardment hit us, but I stood a bit away from everyone else and managed to stay alive and get the ones who died back up. This time we completed the raid without too much of a hassle.

After doj I was done for the night.
Until next week.

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