LE/EE raids week 11

Last week I didn’t post for LE Shroud because of New Year’s and all, but this week I was back at it. Both Urgan and Jedli were with me, a couple of the germans and even Stitchz joined. We seemed to have a good group, but during the first attempt we were lagging so badly in p1, that I decided to call a restart. Second try was a little less laggy, but still laggy. I was running Thaz, who now have a bit over 100 PRR, and I thought that this would help me stay alive.. but no. I died and I died and I died some more. I’ll have to do more eTRs to boost her resistances more, and I need to have a look at her gear once more. Anyway, the Shroud run was pretty basic, some deaths, but no more than usual, and we completed in 62 min.

I also wanted to do Tempest’s Spine and HOX LE, so I posted for them. I forgot to make sure we had the required int and str for TS, but luckily we did, so it was a non issue. I forgot to screenshot the run, so I don’t know how many deaths we had, but quite little.

As I posted for HOX, I got 6 applicants at once, I only had one free spot and I really needed a charmer. We had consecrate, rebuke, a bard buffer.. but no character with druid past lives and augment summoning necklace. I allowed the person who said they did to join as our summoner. Our first attempt was a bit messy with a bit confusion on the tactics (it’s common, every group does the raid a bit differently) and I called a restart when the big beholders spawned. Second attempt was about as messy but we had a bit clearer tactics and managed to fight through the beholder spawns to complete the raid. I failed to screenshot the quest report.

After HOX I asked what people wanted to run, Urgan wanted fotp, so I posted. We did a quick flag for Luri, and then started short man. This raid has gotten a lot easier since the last few updates, so short man is really a no issue. We completed in 19 minutes. My only death was because I was typing something outside the game while letting my party clear up trash at the end, lol.

We also did a Deathwym run. Again short man. I started off soloing puzzle one, Jedli helped me with puzzle 2. At the first choice we got maze and traps. Some people decided to go for traps, but as I know traps will lock after one has passed through it (unless someone stays on the lever), I decided to solve the maze instead. I kept picking right, and of course the solution was RLLLLR. I killed myself 3 times, got a d-door from the sorc for the last wrong. I hurried along to join the rest of the group, but as I got past the bone guardian (or maybe I was already in puzzle 6, my memory fails me), a few party members were struggling in the maze, so I jumped down twice from puzzle 5, which takes you to puzzle 2 to go and help them. I guided my party back to the others, and as we got to selection 2 and entered tower, the rest of the party had already completed that part.


It took me a min to realise that one party member had gotten left behind. He had d-doored with another player and entered traps room, not realising you can’t get through it on your own. Once you’ve gone through the door with the lever, you’re stuck. So I jumped down from puzzle 6, back to 2nd selection, let the party member out and led him through the maze back to the others.

Once we joined up with the others I made a suggestion on a plan. Stitchz deal with dragon and ragers, Jedli deal with death lords, the rest of us do shadow side. Everything progressed nicely according to plan, and I got a lot of people with me on the shadow side. The only problem was really that after breaking the phylactery about 10 times, we had yet to find the real one. I suggested we try the 3 at once thing. I sent 3 players into one portal each and asked them to prep their phylactery. Once all were prepped I told them to break.. and we found the real one. We picked up a shard, had to do it twice and then I took a lever and someone else took another, dragon went down quite fast, we pulled levers and finished in 50 minutes.

That’s all for this time. Ty for stopping by.


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