LE/EE raids week 10

Week 10 of LE/EE raids was on Christmas Eve. In Finland, and I guess Sweden too, we celebrate Christmas on the eve, usually with dinner and presents. I stopped celebrating a few years ago, mostly as a protest to consumerism, and Darth isn’t really a big fan of this holiday either, so we basically just spent the day at home. I was on call for work til 4pm and did a bunch of chores before sitting down in front of the computer for LE/EE raids.

I figured it would be hard to get a group together for LE Shroud, all of my regulars were away.. so I posted for “LE Shroud. Need self-sufficient dps and a hurler. LH if poor dps”. There wasn’t a lack of interest, but after I had let a few people join who were level 26-28 (I normally only want lvl 30s.. except for the hurler that can be lower), I decided to switch to hard. I even had to turn one person down, so I suggested I would do a second run on Thaz after the run on Maidae.

The first run was good and pretty standard. Maidae didn’t perform quite as well as I would have wanted her to, but she did ok. After switching to Thaz we ended up waiting a bit before starting. I was getting ready to go short man, I guess we did, but we were 11 by the time we started. This run was a bit slower as we were a bit lower on dps than the previous run, but still a decent run, and Thaz got some xp.

I was feeling tired after a long work week, so didn’t feel like doing more raids after the second shroud run. I was going to log off, but saw a group doing Slaver’s chain LE.. so hopped on it and logged off after the quests.

That’s all for this time.
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays.

P.S. Next week LE/EE raids would be on New Years Eve. Not sure yet if I will be posting or not.


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