Redoing Maidae’s enhancements

Maidae is a wisdom based monkcher this life, and I’ve been redoing and redoing her enhancements, trying to figure out the best way to do them. During LE/EE raids this week, I realised I had completely forgotten about the +20% doubleshot that I would have needed to have. Since Maidae’s an elf (morninglord), I had the choice of elf AA capstone, or Deepwood Stalker tier 5 enhancement. I spent a good long time last night looking at how many aps the different things would cost me. I needed 8 points in Henshin Mystic for  Contemplation. To get elf AA capstone I needed 15 points in Morninglord tree + 41 points in AA. I also wanted to take wisdom x 4, which would cost 22 ap at the least, and 2-4 points in Warpriest for Divine Might… I realised there just wasn’t enough points for everything I wanted, if I decided to go for capstone.

My other option, Deepwood Stalker would require 32 points in that tree, and meant I didn’t need to put points in Morninglord at all, which saved a total of 23 ap, and I even managed to get a bit more dodge and prr. I am looking forward to give Maidae another try in LE Shroud next week.

🙂 That’s all.
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