LE/EE raids week 9

I epic reincarnated Thaz a week ago, and I didn’t have enough time to get her back to 30 before LE/EE raids this week. So, I decided to run Maidae instead. I logged on half an hour early to redo her enhancements, posted for the raid at 4 minutes to 9pm (3pm EST).. and then waited about an hour before I had a full party. During p1 I realised that 1. we didn’t have enough dps for LE and 2. I messed up my enhancements since I forgot to take Contemplation for ki regen.. which meant that I could only use 10k stars once. Half way through part 1 we started struggling real bad, so I called a restart. I needed to fix my enhancements.

Putting the post back up, and losing some people who didn’t have time for a retry, I switched the lfm to hard instead. We ended up going 9 man on hard, as there really wasn’t a whole lot of interest in this run today. The run was pretty standard without too much issues.

My guildie had asked me earlier if I was planning to do Thunderholme raids, as he needed fire phlogistons. I was feeling quite sleepy, so I decided to only do Fire on Thunderpeak, so guildie would get phlogs. I posted for EE and waitedd a little bit for a few joiners. Helped one party member flag. As I was waiting I was looking at my enhancements, and realised I need to redo them again to get the +20% doubleshot. I could get elf AA capstone, or deepwood stalker tier 5 enhancement.

EE Fire on Thunderpeak was good. Urgan and Max got to play with the dragons, I helped dps dragons and kill trash. Since the LE raids came out, and gear was again improved, these raids don’t feel as difficult as they once were. We finished in 25 min.

I felt like I needed time to figure out how to improve my enhancements, so I ended my raid night there.. and spent maybe an hour testing different alternatives in the enhancements before I had one I felt was adequate. As I was getting ready to log off, I got a tell asking if I’d like to run doj. I figured that would be as good a place as any to test my enhancements, sso I decided to give it a go.

We did short man eH Defiler and struggled in  few parts, but things were progressing fine until the end fight. The snake kills me, and the boss goes active a good while before the snake dies. I get a raise and start dpsing the boss… only to die from bombardment. We manage not to wipe, someone decides to focus on raising, and I focus on shooting at the boss. I die 4 times from bombardment, while the trash mobs/ red names don’t really bother me. Eventually the boss goes down and we get to loot. Quite a nice run non the less, and my char felt strong. Completion time: 24 min 27 seconds.

After this it was time for me to log of for the night.

That’s all folks.

Thank you for stopping by.


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