Cerge eTR9

This time I decided I was going to do this a bit differently. Of course I want to add the before and after pictures, but then I also wanted to show you how I eTR. Have a look at the pictures.

Before                                                                  After

I start off the eTR by taking some screenshots

Enhancements screenshot 1


Enhancements screenshot 2


Spells screenshot 1


Spells screenshot 2

Then I buy my heart and switch to the gear I intend to use after eTR.

Buying my heart


Switching to lower level gear

And then I go talk to the Life-shaper

Talking to the Life-shaper


Epic reincarnating


Selecting the epic past life


The specs


Saving my layout, as I forgot to do it before


Restarting the game to minimize the risk of bugs


Time to reincarnate


I follow the build plan for Cerge 7.0: https://mickisdelirium.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/cerge-7-0/


This is what my quickbars look like when I get back in.


Let’s sort that by loading the layout I saved before


Skipping ahead, now my Primal Karma is at 0.


Need to make sure I’m in the corrrect ED before picking up sagas


Then on to collect sagas


Then all we got to do is do the enhancements, spells and quickbars and we’re done


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