LE/EE raids week 4

I am unsure how it happened, but this Saturday there was suddenly a lot of interest in the LE shroud run. I think it took 15 min or less to fill, with 3 people asking me to reserve a spot. I even had to turn one person away. I almost always do the first come first served way, but that also includes reservations. If someone asks me to reserve the last spot, before someone hits the lfm, the reservation goes first. Of course, I might give regulars or guildies a spot even if someone clicked the lfm first… but I don’t like asking people to leave unless I really messed up and gave away a spot I had promised to save.

Anyway, this week we had several warlocks, and our first attempt lagged so badly in p1, that I said to restart. Second attempt, we froze already at the door, so I asked everyone to turn off unnecessary auras, which removed a lot of the lag. We were still lagging a lot, but managed to proceed. People were doing a very good job with the trash in p1 and we had very few deaths cause of trash, most of it was lag related. In p2 one of the reds failed to follow to SW, so I went to look for him. It was the gnoll and he just kept stopping to throw a blade barrier. Eventually I got him SW with the others and we finished p2.

P3 went fast and smooth, a few deaths to the rainbow, but we finished before the second came up. P4 got a bit scary as we lagged.. a lot. It seemed like we wouldn’t be able to do it, but as ppl died and lag released us, we got him dotted down to only a few percent and got him down at the start of the second round. P5 had some deaths, but nothing out of the ordinary and we finished in 73 minutes.

After Shroud we did an EE Mod, which went smooth.. and I pulled a +6 tome! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a +6 tome in a chest before, even though Jedli tells me they’ve dropped in EE Fire on Thunder Peak before.

As I lost some of my party after mod, we did Defiler of the Just EH instead of EE, and then finished off the night with an EE Fire on Thunder Peak. Very smooth runs.

Next week Shroud will be at the same time for me, but one hour earlier for the US (I believe), as their clocks will turn back 1h.

Anyway, that’s all for this week.


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