LE/EE raids week 6

This week LE Shroud didn’t go so good. In fact, on our first attempt, we didn’t even get through p1. I was ready to switch to hard, but with a couple of new party members and a bit better tactics, we decided to give LE another try. This time we go through p1, but struggled a lot in p2. When the reds didn’t all die at the same time, and 3 of them respawned, I called forfeit on the run. We decided to do a hard run instead. This was of course also the week when I had decided to record the LE run, so I recorded the LH run instead. Note: Not everyone in the hard run was in the LE attempts.

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New raid videos

I wanted to do a recording of LE Shroud this week, but we didn’t manage to complete it so instead I recorded a hard run. I’ve yet to upload that video, though, it’s coming later, but we also did an LE Tempest’s Spine and an LN Hound of Xoriat. Check out the videos below.

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DDO raids

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on. I was going to wait to show it until it was finished, but seeing as it’s taking me a bit longer than expected to finish it, I am just going to show it as it currently is. My plan was to do a flagging video for every raid in ddo that requires flagging, and to solo as many raids as I can. Click on the picture below to view the spreadsheet.

I will re-post this once it is finished or as close to finished as I can get it.


LE/EE raids week 5

This post is over a week over due, so I may not remember it all. For week 5 of LE/EE raids, I again ended up running Darthwolf in Shroud. The party filled and I said I’d either like a hurler or a healer, so Durk decided to bring his healer and I brought Darth. The run had quite a few deaths this time, but I didn’t really feel like we struggled that much. We lagged a bit in p1, but it passed.

After Shroud we did a quick LE Tempest’s Spine as well.

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Cerge eTR9

This time I decided I was going to do this a bit differently. Of course I want to add the before and after pictures, but then I also wanted to show you how I eTR. Have a look at the pictures.

Before                                                                  After

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LE/EE raids week 4

I am unsure how it happened, but this Saturday there was suddenly a lot of interest in the LE shroud run. I think it took 15 min or less to fill, with 3 people asking me to reserve a spot. I even had to turn one person away. I almost always do the first come first served way, but that also includes reservations. If someone asks me to reserve the last spot, before someone hits the lfm, the reservation goes first. Of course, I might give regulars or guildies a spot even if someone clicked the lfm first… but I don’t like asking people to leave unless I really messed up and gave away a spot I had promised to save.

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I see pumpkin

As I was running VON3 on Friday, I ran into this guy. I have seen champions have pumpkins of their heads for the Halloween event, but this guy wasn’t a champion. Is it a bug or intentional?

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