Farming Hayweird Foundry

So, I’ve run all the quests in The Night Revels, I did them last year, and this year as well (including the two new ones for this year), and found that for the most amount of mats for the least effort, Hayweird Foundry is the quest to run. And at exactly 5 levels above your own level. Each run would give me 9 almonds, 9 cinnamons, 9 caramels, 9 apples.. and chocolates I didn’t really pay attention to as I was making them while farming keys anyway. A solo run for me would take 5-6 minutes. Scroll down for the video.

So far, this year I’ve made:
– Death’s Smile cosmetic
– Doomspherelet creature companion
– Reaper’s Helm cosmetic
– Reaper’s Plate Cosmetic
– Diamond of Festive Wisdom

I also made the Reaper cosmetics for darth by letting his char pike in Hayweird while I was running.

That’s all for this post.
Ty for stopping by.

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