Lord Stephelare

I spent my Sunday farming keys for The Night Revels and running Hayweird Foundry over and over, trying to get as many runs done in an as short time as possible. I was running it at level 35 on Thazara who is lvl 30, so didn’t care about xp, I just wanted mats. One of the runes that have to be activated require that you kill a Vampire named Lord Stephelare. I must have done around 20 runs of this quest, and in all except one of the runs, I encountered him in his vampire form.

But then, suddenly in one run, he looked like an old man with a white beard.

🙂 I have no idea if this is was because the quest glitched, or if he’s supposed to look like that once in a while.

That’s all.


3 comments on “Lord Stephelare

    • 🙂 yeah, but I couldn’t figure out how it’s supposed to work. Is it a random factor which way he looks.. or is he supposed to be in human form when you first encounter him? Like said, he was in his vampiric form all other times.

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