EEraids/ LEraids Saturday

I’ve been trying to resurrect my EEraids channel, and with some added advertising, it’s actually been going really well. I think we had a good number over 20 people in the channel on Saturday when I logged on. Still, if it wasn’t for the Germans, I don’t think my LE Shrouds would be going anywhere. They’re giving me the dps and raid knowledge I need to succeed. My previous attempt was a failure, but every failure should be a learning experience.

This week I posted for LE Shroud at 9pm GMT+2 (3pm EST) and after my initial joiners we were struggling to get a full party. I started checking The Who panel for names I recognized and started asking people if they’d like to come join. I got a few joiners that way. After about an hour we were ready to start. I again took the role of healer and raiser, while keeping an eye out for trash spawns. Those nasty kobolds that smack you for over 1k. We struggled a bit, but nothing like my previous try, and it didn’t feel hopeless, and no near failure situations, except maybe a moment in p5. All in all a good run.

I/ we finished off the night with a run of EE MOD and EE FoT. Both fast and successful runs.

After this I was starting to feel quite tired so called it a night.

Thank you for stopping by and happy raiding.


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