The guild thing October 2016

I’m determined to not let my guild die out. We’re still an active guild, but we are very few in numbers. Osiride, the founder, left the game for the second time and handed me the lead, and I intend to stick with it until I myself stop playing. I joined the guild 3 years ago, when I was struggling to find my place in the game. I had left Cleazy’s guild because I was lonely and frustrated, and later I was booted from the next guild I joined for sticking up for myself and calling one of the officers an a-hole for trying to boss me around.  I am sure I could have handled it better, I’m sure I could have avoided confrontation by keeping quiet, but I didn’t like said person’s attitude towards me… so I doubt I would have lasted long in the guild even if I had kept quiet.

Anyway, Osi took me in, and I’ve found a home in the guild. We’re friendly and helpful, there’s no drama, no fighting. We talk to each other in guild chat when we’re not busy running stuff and I try to listen to what the guildies want when it comes to the guild. I try to take my role as leader seriously, even though I’m far from as good at it as Osi was.

Anyway, the guildies want more members to run with and would like us to do more guild runs.. so that is my plan right now. To try and recruit more members and to put an effort into doing more together with the guildies. Last night I for the first time in a long time lfm’d for level 10 f2p quests,and was joined but a few 1st life wizards. I was on a wizard too, so it was a wizard party! I had intended to look for recruits, but as these were all 1st lifers I became unsure about their dedication to the game and didn’t ask if they were looking to switch guilds. Oh, well, better luck next time.

Before I go, here’s the picture I took of Thaz dancing on the guild ship the day I joined September 29, 2013. We have since then changed the name from Gli Egypt to Phoenix Clan.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

P.S. If you’re on Orien, an active player and are looking to switch guilds, look me up.

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