How to flag for The Tower of Despair

This is another semi easy flag. Semi in the way that these quests are or used to be quite difficult. Especially solo and Genesis Point will require another player to help open and close barriers in the maze.

Anyway, to flag for The Tower of Despair, head out to Amrath and talk to the following NPCs to pick up the 4 flagging quests:

Run the quests, pick up the quest rewards and pick up the raid from Uloth. I recommend that you also head back out into the Battlefield and locate the Tower Cave, and ask the NPC there to allow you to come back there later. If you do, the next time you’re in Amrath you can just click on the portal to the Battlefield and ask to be teleported to the Tower of Despair. If you do not do this, once it’s time to run the raid, you may need to drop party to run out to the raid, as the wilderness before the raid only allows 6 people parties.

Before running the raid, I’d also recommend making Boots of Anchoring. The boots are not a requirement and you can run the raid without them, but if you’re unlucky, Horoth may banish you, and you will be left without raid loot (and possibly a completion).

Check out my flagging video below.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by.


3 comments on “How to flag for The Tower of Despair

  1. It’s Genesis Point that requires two people, not A New Invasion 🙂

    Also, Horoth banishes you on a failed will save. Twisting Impregnable Mind, if that gets you to mid 40s (I believe, on elite), makes you immune to this

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