How to flag for Against the Demon Queen

I plan to do a series of flagging videos for the raids in ddo that require flagging, and I decided to start with ADQ, mainly because I happened to have a character that wasn’t flagged for it. I was going to split the video up in several videos, but in the end I appended the clips into one long video. I had a few glitches on the way, first the recording turned off on me in the wizard king* so I lost a few minutes there, and then my computer crashed in the middle of Chains of Flame and I ended up having to redo that video, losing out on some of the footage in between.

Here’s how you flag:

  • Go to Zawabi’s Refuge and pick up the following quests: The Chamber of RaiyumChains of Flame and An Offering of Blood from quest givers Miroc Thrice-Born, Jaefan Druz and Calyx Shattermoon
  • Head out to the sands wilderness, locate and run the quests
  • Turn in the quests
  • Talk to Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi’s Refuge and tell him you have the items he seeks. Give him the items
  • Talk to the Djinni again to pick up ADQ

Watch the flagging video below or go to my YouTube channel to watch it in full screen mode.

ADQ is the preraid for the actual raid. The preraid is a quest, but once you’ve run it you have to run the raid to run the preraid again (or if someone else is flagged for it you can red-door). The raid has a 3 day timer, so don’t forget to collect the reward after running it or the timer won’t start.

Once you’ve run the raid and waited out the timer you have to talk to  the djinni twice or you will not have picked up the preraid. Failing to pick it up will prevent you from entering the raid, as red-dooring the preraid will not flag you for the actual raid.

My raid and preraid videos can be found here:
Zawabi’s Revenge:

Thanks for stopping by and happy hunting.

P.S. You can flag for this raid on heroic or epic. Running the quests on either will still give you the items you need to hand them in for flagging.

P.P.S The items can be save through TR, so you can flag without running the quests if you have the items from before.

*It’s nicknamed the wizard king due to the end boss, the quest’s actual name is The Chamber of Raiyum

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