Solo raids; Tempest’s Spine

I’ve been working on a raid spreadsheet where I will add links to my videos, and I realised I did not have any video of Tempest’s Spine, heroic or legendary. I thought about it, and since Maidae is my solo raider, I figured it should be her that does the soloing. I started with a recording of the heroic version, which I just ran through, even did did some of the optional chests.

The legendary version required a bit more preparation. There’s at least one intelligence rune you need to be able to activate to get forward, and I needed around 37 int to be able to do it (34 was too low, 37 success). I checked all the chars I had available on alt accounts, and there was only one that could do it, Godscraft. Maidae could do the strength herself. I did several attempts where I for one reason or another decided to recall and restart. In one I booted Godscraft before the second rune, in one I didn’t bring my bells for the locked doors, and in one the phone rang, so I decided to start over. It was I believe try 5 that I decided to complete the run, and in that run I ended up with 4 red named optionals in the same room, which slowed me down.

I wanted to do a full run with all 3 runes, so I did. Since it’s a raid and not a quest, it was important to stay alive, and to not get tossed in the end fight. Some rooms had me worried, but the mobs don’t hit that hard on normal, so the run was a bit slow, but no real fear of dying. Having improved evasion and somewhat decent prr helps of course. Check out the videos below or go to my YouTube channel to view them in full screen.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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