Together again

I’m back!

Some time ago I decided to work on Godscraft’s EDs, since he had a lot of them not finished or capped. I started bringing him along when I was leveling my own chars, but soon realised that I could take advantage of his skills so to speak. When I was leveling Cerge on his previous eTR I brought Gods along, and now when I decided to finally start leveling Thaz again I’m bringing him along. Though, he’s not so much tagging along, as he is doing most of the dps, and Thaz only steps in when Gods is facing mobs that Thaz handle better.. or he runs out of sp.

Since Gods is almost done with his EDs, I didn’t feel like I wanted to give him a spot when I had ppl interested in joining me.. but when my lfm was up with no joiners, Gods helped me quest. We did Impossible Demands, The Unquiet Graves and The Lost Thread before I had to log off due to rl. Below are some screenies from The Lost Thread. Gods did most of the killing, Thaz did the collars (because her concentration is more than enough compared to Gods’), and the room with Eldrin Szind since she could handle the mobs in there better than Gods could. Thaz also lead Ana.

Selfie with Ana.. sort of.


Ana has opened the barrier. Gods is going to go in, Thaz will wait here.


…and the drider is dead.


Time to pose for pictures.


Thaz to the left, Gods right.

And below the quest reports. Thaz’s to the left, Gods right.

The deaths; Thaz died in the room where you find Ana, cause she got attacked in a corner while I was running Gods. Gods died twice in the room with Eldrin Szind, because he kept getting knocked down by the air elementals. I switched to Thaz and she finished the room.

🙂 That’s all folks. Happy hunting.

P.S. I recently learned how to auto run my two char to to the quest at the same time to save time. I just need to make sure to click between the screens to make sure they don’t start running the wrong way.


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