Cerge life 7 update

It’s been a while again since I wrote a post. I’ve been quite busy with rl, lots to do at work and I’ve adopted a few more degus that take up a bit more of my evening time. When I have been playing I’ve been soloing with my the main char on my third account piking. Or I started doing that when I realised she had/ had access to the packs I wanted to run. It’s only been an hour or two each night, and me missing some nights too, so leveling has been slow.

When Cerge hit 20, but Genmaicha was still 18, I decided to hit IQ.. starting with In the Demon’s Den. I’ve only run that quest once before, so I was curious to see if I could solo it. I quickly realised that 1. I needed a trapper to get past at least one of the traps (the first one) and then, even after killing everything and prepping the djinn, I still needed at least one more person to help me kill the djinn. I noticed that the djinn respawned in the time it took me to run from killing one back to center. Anyway, I put up an lfm, quickly got 3 joiners and we finished the quest no problem.

Then (spreading it out over several nights), I continued with the first IQ chain.

After finishing the Mindsunder chain and quest, I dropped Genmaicha and decided to start running the house D chain, EE. I ran the first quest solo… (though not fast). This was the first time I’ve solo’d this quest on a level 20 character.

I didn’t get far, though, in the Black Loch, before I realised I needed immunity to fear. I recalled to get it, and then decided to join an EE VON raid instead. I didn’t even die!

That is all folks for this time. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. I haven’t raided at all for a while now because of lag. VON5-6 was pretty much lag free for me today.

P.P.S Genmaicha… when I was making this char I wanted to name her Sencha, which is a tea. Since it was taken, I looked for another name that is a tea, and settled for Genmaicha.


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