Upgrade tome of supreme ability

So.. a few months ago I bought this upgrade tome of supreme ability +6 to +7. I can’t remember if it was on discount or not, but at the time I wanted it. As it was rather expensive, I only bought one. In my experience, so far when I’ve bought supreme ability tomes, it has been one tome that can be used by one character, that meets the right criteria. I knew both Cerge and Maidae met said criteria, but since I plan to do various classes on Cerge, I figured he would have better use of it.

To my surprise when I clicked on the tome to use it, a barter window opened that said “Ability score upgrade bundles”.

I started thinking the tome might actually be separate tomes, and it turns out I was right.

I was considering using some on Maidae and some on Cerge, but since I had already planned to use the whole tome on Cerge, and he still would benefit from it more.. I decided to use all of them on him.

And before you say I’m wasting my money on tomes I didn’t really need, I don’t know. Cerge was meant to end up as a sorc some time in the future, and I will for sure turn him into a dc caster at some point again. To max his dcs, he will need to have the highest ability score possible in his class. Looking at it that way, str and dex and even con were probably pointless to upgrade, but I had the tomes, so why not use them?

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by. Cheers.


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