My ddo history so far part 2

I noticed I had written a blog called My ddo history so far 2 years ago, a blog that I had completely forgotten about. Now with the help of my spreadsheet Reincarnation mapping, I can do a current and updated version that is hopefully more accurate and detailed. So here it is.

Note: I am only counting characters that have been in somewhat active play. I don’t count bank toons run for favor or alts that have been piking for xp.

Characters capped when cap was 20: 1
I started playing in August 2011 when cap was 20, and epic was epic. Cap was increased to 25 with the first expansion pack on June 25, 2012. The only one of my characters that managed to reach level 20 before cap was increased, was Thazara. Both Maidae and Cerge reached level 20, but not before June 25, 2012.

Characters capped when cap was 25: 4
Level cap was increased from 25 to 28 on August 19, 2013. Between June 25, 2012 and August 19, 2013 only 4 of my characters hit the level cap, and only once. Epic reincarnation was not introduced until update 20 on November 12th, 2013.

Characters capped when cap was 28: 26
After the introduction of Epic Reincarnation, I started eTR’ing. Here I count any of my played characters that reached the level cap after true or epic reincarnation.

Characters capped at 30: 5
Characters that have hit level cap since the level increase or after true or epic reincarnation Continue reading

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Playing a D&D board game

A couple of weeks ago Darth and I visited a game shop in Stockholm, where we ended up buying Munchkin and Dungeons & Dragons Castle Ravenloft board game. Due to my lack of time, we’ve only played a few times so far, and only beating the first two group adventures so far. While the first adventure was easy, we struggled a lot with the second one.

First I wanted to try the wizard, and Darth was a cleric. We failed horribly. Lesson learned: don’t play a wizard when you’re only two.

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Soloing raids

I’ve never cared much for attempting to solo raids. I did a couple of attempts on Tower of Despear with Thaz back before she had her EDs done, and failed horribly. Soloing raids have felt like a waste of time pretty much. But as I was soloing the U31 quests LE on Maidae, I started thinking that maybe it would be worth a shot. Maidae was doing better than I had remembered.

I started with Fall of Truth eN. I had joined a couple of friends in that raid some weeks ago, and it felt easy, so figured a solo eN wouldn’t be impossible.

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Cerge TR 6

I TR’d Cerge just after midnight this morning, and here are his before and after.

1 cleric/ 1 fighter/ 18 paladin/ 10 epic                        1 cleric/ 5 monk/ 9 druid

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by

P.S. I posted this blog as TR 7, but it is life 7, TR 6.

Cerge 7.0

After a good long while as a paladin, it was time for me to start planning Cerge’s next life. My plan was to do the classes in ED sphere order starting with arcane, then divine, primal and martial. The release of warlock kind of messed it up, though, but I will continue my plan, just leave warlock out of it for now and take warlock last. Anyway paladin was the last in the divine sphere, so it was time to move to the primal sphere. I decided to start with druid.

It usually takes me 3 days to make a build plan and post it here. It took about the same this time too. Here’s the build plan. Note, it may change along the way, nothing is final or set in stone, and I will most likely enhancements along the way. Short deserves credit for helping with the build.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.30.003
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 30 Lawful Neutral Morninglord Male
(6 Monk \ 1 Cleric \ 13 Druid \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 465
Spell Points: 1559 
BAB: 13\13\18\23
Fortitude: 20
Reflex: 18
Will: 17

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 30)
Strength             16                    32
Dexterity            14                    21
Constitution         14                    21
Intelligence         12                    19
Wisdom                8                    15
Charisma             15                    22

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Thaz eTR 7

As I wasn’t done with the build plan for Cerge’s TR, I decided to eTR Thaz instead. This time I’m doing Martial sphere, and she got the pl called “Fortification”

That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by

Upgrade tome of supreme ability

So.. a few months ago I bought this upgrade tome of supreme ability +6 to +7. I can’t remember if it was on discount or not, but at the time I wanted it. As it was rather expensive, I only bought one. In my experience, so far when I’ve bought supreme ability tomes, it has been one tome that can be used by one character, that meets the right criteria. I knew both Cerge and Maidae met said criteria, but since I plan to do various classes on Cerge, I figured he would have better use of it.

To my surprise when I clicked on the tome to use it, a barter window opened that said “Ability score upgrade bundles”.

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Cerge capped

It’s been a a good few weeks since I was able to play several hours on a Sunday. This week/ today I was and I took the opportunity to xp Cerge. He was at a bit over 6 mil (had just taken level 28) when I started and the goal was to cap. I decided to start with eH Wheloon, and I had Godscraft with me to get him some ED xp at the same time. Doobrey joined, and after we finished Wheloon, I let him suggest quests and chains for us to run. We did Two-toed Tobias, Von4, Druid’s chain, Gianthold and then VON3 and Wiz-king on eH, and Cerge was capped. I think it took  about 5h and we weren’t really speed running as I was dualing and we had a few first timers join that needed to be guided to the quests.

The idea was to cap and TR, but since I haven’t finished the build plan for his next life, TR’ing will have to wait a little.

That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by