Conclusion of the test

Yesterday I did a little social test. I didn’t want to say the purpose or the expectations in advance, but wanted to see what reactions I would get. As it was pointed out to me, most (?) of the readers come here for information about ddo and aren’t too interested in the social bit, so I do not plan on continuing this thread after this. But I wanted to talk about what I learned from my little experiment.

The reason for the experiment was that I felt like I was once again seeing prejudge when making some comments. People were reacting much stronger than I felt they should have, and I got accused of trolling and attacking someone. I didn’t feel like I was doing any of that, I might have been a bit rude, but I didn’t consort to name calling, and none of the things I said were intended to agitate the reader or poster. To me, a troll is someone who only makes comments with the intent of causing a negative reaction. I don’t feel like I do that. To be honest, I’d rather you call me a jerk and an asshole than a troll. Because a jerk to me is someone who says mean or thoughtless things, a troll is someone with a mission. But enough about that, back to the experiment.

I feel like there is a group of people that have been saying untrue things about me behind my back, creating prejudge among the community. I am sensitive, thoughtless and a bit of a jerk at times, but what I really don’t like is when people gossip behind my back to create prejudge. The blog post yesterday was an attempt to stop the gossiping, to try and clear the air, to create a clean slate.

The result? The initial reaction felt pretty good. The people who commented seemed to be hearing me, they were supporting and offered some much appreciated advice. But then as I was clicking around twitter I stumbled upon a conversation where my blog was mentioned. I was accused of bad behavior, being obsessed, the blog was called tacky and victimizing. I guess that’ll teach me.

I can’t stop the gossiping. I can’t force anyone to talk to me if they don’t want to. But no matter what you think of me, your words still hurt.

Ok, Social experience over. Back to ddo.

P.S. To the people who are there for me and support me when I need a shoulder to cry on, you don’t even know how much you mean to me.

P.P.S. To the people who gossip and create bad air, I can’t stop you from doing it, but I can do my best to ignore your words.

Over and out



I have this theory that I’d like to test. Depending on the outcome, I may or may not delete this blog after I feel the test is done.

I seem to every once in a while be breaking some social code about how to act or what to do. I’m an introvert and I don’t really like people, but I am also a bit over sensitive to criticism. I put really high demands on myself, and it bothers me a lot when someone accuses me of something.. even more if I feel like I’m wrongfully accused. So once in a while I find myself defending my position til the last straw.

Every so often I also run into prejudge. People who don’t really know me, have a negative attitude towards me. I get the impression that someone else has been saying things about me, to make these people give me attitude. Usually wrongfully so. Most of the time things can be solved by talking about it, but some times people have made their minds up and no matter what I say or do they’re not gonna change their minds.

I was complaining to darth yesterday about how ppl are not taking well to my honesty. He said “either be honest and don’t give a damn about what ppl think.. or you can’t be honest”. But what if I want both? What if I want ppl to accept me for me?

Anyway. There’s this woman going by the name Even Note/ Even Now. I don’t really know her. I know she likes the color sage, has a lot of characters and cosmetic pets and is a proud flower sniffer, in her own words. She also maintains the OurDDO website, which if I recall was intended to replace myddo, when myddo was shut down. At some point in time I believe I stepped on Even’s toes somehow, and since then she’s hated me. The problem, I don’t know what I did, so I don’t know how to fix it. This has been bothering me for years.

I am a problem fixer. If there is a problem I want to address it. But when someone decides to give me the silent treatment instead of talking to me, I tend to go a bit crazy. I haven’t really tried to interact with Even since the initial brush off about 3 years ago, if not more.. but she’s been popping up on the blogs more of late.

I am fully aware that this blog is again breaking social codes.. I’m not supposed to talk about other people at all. That’s why I mean to delete the blog depending on the reactions I get.

Please leave your comments below, or send me an email via the contact form.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Even. I wish to offer my sincere apology for … saying things I shouldn’t have.. and what ever else it is that I have done that you hate me for. If you would like me to apologize to you directly, you know where to find me.

P.P.S Added later: Even was on the Players Council with me, and we did have an argument there. I said somethings that offended her, and I refused to change my stance. I wish to apologize for that too. Not for my stance on the matter (I had an opinion, and I can’t very well change it because I’ve offended someone), but for offending her.

Lag, virtual servers and xp

Not too long ago ddo moved their servers to a new data center. As I understand it, Turbine also moved ddo to virtual servers. So far so good, virtual servers is what all the IT companies are doing, so that shouldn’t be the issue. But, as Flav says, Virtual servers aren’t easy, and running an mmo on virtual servers can cause a lot of problems. This is what I believe is what we’ve been seeing in ddo since the server move. The game server is now communicating in a different way than it was before, and the staff at Turbine has had to do their best to get things running as they used to.

Since the server move, lag has been awful. Many of the raids I used to run were close to unrunnable, and I pretty much quit on EEraids. The idea of EEraids was to try and get a static raiding group together so Thaz could eventually get her EE favor for the top level raids. She’s currently missing MoD and Shroud. But with the lag, I didn’t even want to try. Instead I’ve been focusing on real life and xping instead.

Turbine has been doing regular server restarts, trying reduce lag, but for me things are still worse than before the server move. I’ve been dualing Cerge and Godscraft in my EE saga runs, and when I hit AOEs and spam magic missiles on Gods, my game gets choppy. It didn’t use to. Raids I’ve almost quit on, as I really don’t want to spend time waiting to fill a group and then fail because of lag.

As you might know, Godscraft is not my build, it’s my friend’s shiradi sorc from a couple of years ago. When he took a break from playing, he let me use his toons. I wasn’t going to do anything with them at first, but then wanted to try playing a shiradi.. only to decide to maybe get some gear for his toons and use them for dual boxing. I’ve slowly started to get the hang of Godscraft, and I’ve been playing him instead of Cerge during Cerge’s eTR. That is, I dual them, but most of the time leave Cerge piking, while I run the quest on Gods. Gods was also missing a lot of xp for his EDs, so that’s why I have been bringing him along when playing Cerge.

I don’t always like dualing, as it slows me down a bit, but I’ve come to enjoy it more and more of late. The chars offer different skills, and allow me to do things without having to wait for the right char to join my lfm. Usually I lfm too. Gods is earning xp, and he soon has enough TP so I can buy him the next ddo pack.

I do have two multi accounts of my own, but the chars on the accounts are side builds that aren’t really planned. Gods used to be a really good build, but now he’s outdated and doesn’t have the best gear. I hope to get him some better gear soon.

Ok, that’s all for now. Ty for stopping by. Cheers.


This is Qbert, Companion of Godscraft. Qbert randomly decides to show up in places you don’t expect. This time he had decided that his place was on top of a torch. I like the heat, says Qbert. What’s that smell? I ask. Bbq’d cube?

Happy anniversary

Today WordPress notified me that it was 3 years ago today that I registered on 🙂 The reason that I registered was that Turbine had announced that they were ending the myddo website, so us ddo bloggers would have to find somewhere else to write our blog. Since myddo was a wordpress blog, it was easy to export the myddo blog and import it into a new WordPress site. Here is the first blog I posted since moving sites: Jarvanna is growing up April 2, 2013

That’s all. Happy questing and happy blogging.

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About the Vault and about drama

The ddo vault is sort of a fan forum to ddo. It has gotten known for the lack of forum moderation and the posting of ddo exploits. Having spent some time there I can say that exploits on these forums are quite rare due to the fact that turbine staff also reads them. The people who are interested in exploits usually prefer to not have them fixed, and posting them on the vault is a sure way to get them just that.

In 2014 I joined the first ddo players council and around the same time I joined the ddo vault. Due to the lack of forum moderation on the vault, people tend to speak a lot more freely about things, and as a PC representative I wanted to get down and dirty with the common folks, so to speak (lol). My initial intention might have been good, but at that time I was also in a sort of bad spot in my real life. I was terribly unhappy at work… I am a software developer and I enjoy coding, but at the job I had at the time they had me doing nothing but bug fixes, and there were just not enough work to keep me busy. I had asked to be moved to different tasks but they wouldn’t let me.. so eventually I ended up resigning when I was offered another job. So, to keep myself entertained, I spent hours upon hours arguing and causing drama on the vault.. to other people’s entertainment as well.

I felt this incredible freedom of being able to say what I wanted to say without getting a slap on the fingers or ppl telling me not to do it. Thinking about this afterwards I realize that it most likely was not the smartest move, but I would assume most have already forgotten all about it. I among other things was having this several pages long argument with a person that I have despised for years. To me it was like taking a load of my shoulders that I got to tell him exactly how I felt about him, but to the observer he was giving me abuse to no end and was coming out on top. I chose to ignore his comments as I found them to be mostly lies.

After switching jobs and moving country my life changed and I no longer had much time or interest in the vault. I’m no longer angry and frustrated, so the vault has served it’s purpose for me really. I on an off go back to see what ppl are talking about but most of it tends to bore me. Sometimes I see links posted that I have a look at, but I got tired of the drama side of it all. Though, they do tend to link release notes and such things as soon as they’re available, and I usually notice those there before on other media.

On the vault you’ll find harsh language, trolling and lies.. but also honest opinions about the game. Honesty that you won’t find on the ddo forums due to forum moderation. Most of the time I prefer the harsh truth to white lies.

As you know, I recently got married. We might have met in game first, but it was on the vault we got to know each other. He prolly tl;dr most of my posts, but something apparently caught his eye, because when I messaged him he wanted to talk to me, lol. One of the first things I liked about Darth was his brutal honesty. He won’t soften the blow with lies to make me feel better, he’ll tell me things as they are. I also don’t have to worry about hurting his feelings when I make a dumb joke, he’s not gonna get insulted. I get to be myself.

Ok, wrapping it up. This turned out to be one of those “about me” posts more than about the vault, but.. well it is how it is, lol.

Thanks for stopping by and happy questing.

P.S. I have decided not to link you the vault. If you’re interested, it’s not hard to find. Assuming you’re not already reading it.


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Cerge eTR 7

I did one quick von 3 run and capped Cerge tonight, after which I eTRd. As per usual, I’m posting this to record dates etc of reincarnations. This time I eTr’d the divine sphere. Here are Cerge’s before and after pictures:
Before                                                                 After

Cerge actually has long red hair this time around, but due to the bunny hat that he wears, you can’t really see it. Anyway, that’s all for this time. Tc.