New monitors

I was telling Darth that I wouldn’t mind having a second monitor, especially since I enjoy multiboxing in ddo, and my one 24 inch monitor felt a bit small for running multiple clients at the same time. Darth suggested I get two new monitors so he could get my old one (my Acer S240HL 24 inch monitor), as he wanted a second HD monitor. I had decided to do so, I was going to get two new 24 inch monitors and he would get my old one.

We were an an IT exhibition a week ago and I saw this Samsung curved monitor that I thought looked really cool. On the way home from the exhibition I decided to do a quick google for prices on curved monitors and I found a Samsung curved monitor (S27E510C), 27 inch for about 2400 SEK… and clicking on the link they offered it as once returned for 1990 SEK… I mean that is less than what the 24 inch one would have cost me in Sweden. I decided to order two.

I got my monitors and it still feels a bit weird, and they’re a bit higher up than my old one, which may turn out to be a problem. But so far I’m quite excited about them. Have a look at the pictures:

That’s it folks. Happy questing 🙂

3 comments on “New monitors

    • 🙂 the only thing about ddo, though.. is that it doesn’t scale.. e.g. your quickbars. So if you have a very large monitor, the quickbars are going to be very small

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