The Anniversary event

When U30 came out with the new festival event, and Turbine decided to also activate a few other events at the same time, I figured there was no point in trying to raid. Instead I’ve mainly been doing the new festival event a couple of times a day for the last few weeks. Or since a few days ago, as I got tired of it and decided I was done. I was soloing level 35 on Thaz and had a couple of multiboxers in the party piking at the entrance. On Thursday I did a couple of runs with Schoan and Valdaynie. Check out some screenies below.

Thaz was clicking on The Oracle of Wisdom, and he said…

We met Steelstar the artificer.


And Cordovan the drow


Severlin was a pdk


And Varg was a bat shaped vampire


Then we saw some named skeletons


I don’t know who this is, but with a plus before his name, I’m guessing he’s in customer support.

That was all the pictures I had, thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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