I was reading on the forums as well as hearing from people in game that lag had been worse since ddo’s data centre move. It would seem that something is not quite right at the moment. I was told that Defiler is pretty much incompletable, and that Legendary Shroud takes about 50% as long as it used to. HoX and TS should be fine, while VoN and MoD would be a bit choppy, but still playable. I decided to give the VON raid a try on EE.

I started solo and was not really having any issues with lag. But as ppl started joining, we started getting momentary freezes and slow downs. I was doing the voice and ring and I ended up in lava when I was jumping across the bridge. I jumped over just fine, and suddenly I was in the lava. Much later on as we were heading south, I again found myself in lava after doing a jump. Yet, it wasn’t unplayable, just annoying. The end boss fight was quite laggy, with freeze ups over and over.

We get to VON6 and split up to do the djinn. We were only two at air and I ended up dying because my heals were just not going off. Then we had to do the pillars a total of 3 times because of lag. Get to dragon fight and I again ended up dying because my heals weren’t taking. Yet, we finished in a good amount of time.

What can I say, we managed to complete, but I can’t claim I was having fun. If this is what we can expect of the raids at the moment, I will just have to stay away from the raids until this issue has been solved.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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