Just married

Anyone reading my twitter might have stumbled across the tweets of mine where I said me and darth were getting married. Now, before you start cheering and wishing us all the best and what ever people usually say, let me start by telling you a few things. I didn’t want to get married. I love my darth, but I wanted him to be my life partner, not my husband. Why? Because I want to live my life the way I decide, not the way society or religion tells me. The only reason we decided to get married was because of the issues we were having with getting darth registered as living here.

I had no idea how difficult it was going to be when he moved in. We though all we needed to do was to sign and send in some papers. But no. Everything fell on the the lack of the right form. The tax agency that handles person registrations required darth to have an S1 form from Croatia, a form that Croatia does not give out at all. Telling them this was like talking to a wall. Have the form or no registration. And no registration means no job, no health care, no ID, no nothing.

After 6 months of fighting with this, and them telling us that marriage would solve everything, I gave in. Of course, it wasn’t like we hadn’t discussed it.. I said that if we were to get married, I wanted a simple civil marriage and a dinner with family and friends. I wanted no white dress, no cake and no rings. Lucky for me, darth seemed to be fully on board with the lack of wedding stuff, he even claimed he could have skipped the dinner.

Anyway, we had fun, a nice time and now we’re legally married. Now just waiting for the marriage to be registered in the person registry in Sweden as well.

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