Leathers of the Celestial Sage, spell dc does not work

I just learned today that the spell focus on the  Leathers of the Celestial Sage does not work, at least not for evocation. Short tested it and said it works for necromancy, transmutation and illusion, but not for evocation or conjuration. This post on the forums also mentions this bug, and says that it was already noticed on Lamannia.

I spent weeks farming for this armor for Thaz, and feel rather disappointed that it does not work. Wearing the thunderforge armor with +1 dc, I’m at one higher than when wearing the leathers at +2. I took some screenshots to see if I have anything that it might just not be stacking with.

Thaz has a greater evocation augment. Don’t mind the outdated ring. (she also has a +6 evo stick from thunderholme that I forgot to screenshot)

She also has some feats:

And enhancements:

With or without the leathers she was at 76 evo dc. 77 with the shadowscale armor. Note, she’s missing +4 wisdom in the picture, her max evo is slightly higher.


These are her stats with the thunderforge armor:

And these with the leathers:

All in all, if the spell dcs were working as intended, I would use the leathers instead of the shadowscale, but now I’m not so sure…

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by.


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