EE Defiler of the Just, finally

Sometimes consistency pays off. When I could no longer get ppl to join my EE Deathwyrm lfm, I switched to posting for Defiler, even though I knew it would be hard seeing as everyone wants to run the Legendary raids. Anyway, tonight was I believe my 4th time posting for it. The last 2 times I had the lfm up for over an hour and I could not get more than a few to join during that time. This week was different. Jedli joined, Short joined, Justus joined and suddenly it looked like the group might fill. We ended up waiting a good while for the last two spots to be filled but eventually we or I had a full group.

Our first attempt we got a semi lag free instance, or so it seemed. We were a few archons down when we started having lag spikes, and at least I got a bit thrown out of balance because of it. It didn’t take too long after that when we had too many ppl dead and the reinforcements got out of control and we failed. I asked the party if they were up for trying again, and they were.

A few lag restarts later we were ready to try again. This time things seemed better, less laggy and we were doing ok. But then when the 10 reinforcements spawned we were not fast enough to take them down and we ended up failing again. I told the party that when the 10 reinforcements spawn, they have to leave the executioners until the reinforcements are down, or we risk failing again. I was up for one more try, and as was the party.

Third try the instance seemed good when we entered so we decided to give it a try. This time at the gate I was spamming my mass heals and cures as well as bursting as much as I could, and we only had one death there. Luck was also on our side and we were doing pretty well until the 10 reinforcements spawned. Things got a bit messy there, I was on the north side and after we had finished our executioners and reinforcements we headed to the south side to help out. Before we had finished the reinforcements there, we got another spawn and had to deal with it before we could go back to the north side. Strangely, once we had cleaned out all the reinforcements this time, the fight was over and we could head to the east gate and the end fight.

This is what happens when you die 17 times in a raid. All naked. I did notice though that I was wearing the wrong helm and goggles…

At the gate I asked ppl to not rush in, that we need to get our sp back, get rid of death pens etc before heading in. We waited out several death pens and then I started the fight. The group was doing good and we had the snake down before the boss went active.. or at least it seemed that way. On to the boss, we’re doing good and she’s down to ~25 % hp when the bombardment hits and ppl start dying. For a good long while we’re not doing much but running around trying to raise ppl.. and then we wiped. Lucky for us that someone had a Jack Jibber’s blade and was able to get back up and start raising again. Gotrekt found a semi-safe spot where he stayed to raise ppl, and I took the opposite corner, but got dead a few times from bombardment and for some reason getting aggro of stuff.

The EE doj group

Gotrekt threw me a raise and a moment later he was dead from bombardment, as were everyone else. I waited for Got’s spirit to rubberband, then threw him a raise, so he could continue raising ppl from his semi-safe spot. The party was getting up and some ppl were attacking the boss again.. and then suddenly it was over. As the raid finished, bombardment hit and most of us died. Just had to run to the shrine to get back up. I wanted to get some screenshots and exhale-inhale a bit after that run, but it was fun and I was definitely feeling the adrenaline high. 🙂

That’s 1 more EE raid down… now Thazara is only missing Mark of Death and Legendary Shroud to have everything completed on elite in the quest compendium.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.




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