EE Defiler of the Just, finally

Sometimes consistency pays off. When I could no longer get ppl to join my EE Deathwyrm lfm, I switched to posting for Defiler, even though I knew it would be hard seeing as everyone wants to run the Legendary raids. Anyway, tonight was I believe my 4th time posting for it. The last 2 times I had the lfm up for over an hour and I could not get more than a few to join during that time. This week was different. Jedli joined, Short joined, Justus joined and suddenly it looked like the group might fill. We ended up waiting a good while for the last two spots to be filled but eventually we or I had a full group.

Our first attempt we got a semi lag free instance, or so it seemed. We were a few archons down when we started having lag spikes, and at least I got a bit thrown out of balance because of it. It didn’t take too long after that when we had too many ppl dead and the reinforcements got out of control and we failed. I asked the party if they were up for trying again, and they were.

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EE raids turned legendary

I wanted to do EE Defiler of the Just. This Saturday I had my lfm up for 1.5 h, while I was doing favor runs on my alt account. I had one joiner total in that time, and said person decided to join one of the other raid lfms as mine wasn’t filling. After getting bored with favor runs, I joined a group that was doing LH HoX, and after that I put up my own for Legendary Elite Tempest spine. With only doing fire & ice, the run took us 25 min to complete.

I also posted for a Legendary Hard shroud, and after we filled, we completed in 40 min, mostly thanks to the wizard Alisza, who both cc’d an outkilled all of us, lol.

I will continue running the U29 raids almost every day now until I have the items I want, but I will also continue to attempt to get my ee doj and mod completions.

That’s all, thank you. 🙂

Legendary Hard Shroud with pug

I’ve been quite busy irl of late and haven’t had time nor energy to blog or record youtube videos as much ass I have in the past. Today I decided that I wanted to do a recording of Legendary Hard Shroud, with pug of course. I put up an lfm and waited. After a seemingly long wait, I had a group and was able to do the run. Check out the video below.

That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day