EEraids Saturday

After the very little interest in EE Deathwyrm the last 2 times I posted for it, I decided to post for EE Defiler of the Just instead this Saturday. The experience I have to say was much worse. First I waited over and hour to fill my party, then the lag. I lost count of how many times we entered, started the clearing, lagged and restarted. Once we had a semi-ok instance we continued to  the first gate, then lag wiped there. Back to restarting cause of bad instance. Then when we finally got past that part we didn’t have enough dps, pulled too much trash and failed. So we decided to do eH instead. Same thing, restarting to get a good instance, lagged bad in the first fight. After a few of these, Lion suggested we just try eN instead. 10 man eN seemed a bit better. We were about 10 min in when we started having bad freeze-ups. I tried my best to keep killing, but when it looks like you’re almost completely frozen in place, only hitting the mobs a little… you know it’s gonna fail. A short while later we had too many reinforcements spawn and failed. So, 3h after I logged on and posted for the raid.. I had a total of zero completions.

Lag frozen in the air in Amrath

Instead I decided to post for LH Shroud, and this filled a bit faster. We had a much better experience, a bit choppy once in a while, but no real freezes. Managed to complete Shroud in 49 min.

That’s all I have for you today. Tc


Raid night and Sunday gaming

On Saturday I posted for EE Deathwyrm again.. and then decided to continue flagging friend’s toons for DoJ while I was waiting. I had the post up for a bit over an hour, during which I got a total of 3 joiners of which 2 of them decided to drop my group for an LH HoX and the third went to a doj. Ppl in EEraids channel wanted to do Legendary Tempest Spine, and I told them I can join them if they do, but that I don’t feel ready to host it. I said “I’m one of those who never used to do it heroic, so I don’t feel like I know it well enough”. Half an hour later Durk posted for LH TS an I joined, giving up on EE raids for the week.

The TS run was done in the common way and we collected all required runes. I learned that 60 strength is required for the levers on LH, and with buffs Cerge could easily do it. He’s a bit low on str, as I don’t have a lvl 30 str item for him yet. After TS we also did an LH Shroud where we ended up restarting once due to lag. I was falling asleep during p1 so decided to log off after Shroud and I did.

Sunday I was running Thazara and I started with EE Tor (see video below). I had an lfm up and we did EE 3bc, EE Wheloon and EE Storms horns.. and Thaz got lvl 28 (she was 26 when I logged on). Finished the gaming session by taking level, gearing her for 28 and checking my sagas.

Here’s the video I made of Thaz in EE Tor. Thaz is wearing heavy armor, which has made a big difference from when cap was 25 and Thaz was running around in robes. Thaz’s main spells that she uses are: Sun burst, Sun beam (these two are from Divine Disciple enhancement tree), Blade barrier and and Implosion. The sun spells are used as a crowd control, as they blind the mobs and the other two are for for damage. I also use Divine punishment, Nimbus of light and Searing light. Of the last two I use both the actual spell and the spell like ability. Thaz is a maxed wisdom evoker and light spammer.

That’s all folks, thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

EEraids completion times – the spreadsheet

I recall posting about this before, but I have enhanced the spreadsheet a bit since then. Here are the statistics for the EEraids done so far (that is, since I started calling them EEraids). I have made the spreadsheet publicly viewable, so if you wish, you can come back to it later and see where it’s at.

Currently it only contains Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak, but I may add more later. I have added completion time, deaths and monsters killed, I may add other things later if they are of interest. The time is based on the screenshots I took at the end of the raid. Since it seems like the clock does not stop on completion, it may be that others may have a slightly different completion time depending on when they took the screenie.

Click on the image below to view the spreadsheet

More info and the screenshots can be found in the blog, the blog’s name will be something like “EEraids xx”. I can add the links to the spreadsheet if there is interest in it.

That’s all, ty for stopping by and do join me for the raids sometime.

EEraids 34

It’s been over a week since EEraids 34, and I’m only now getting around to posting about it. EEraids 34 was Saturday December 26. We did EE Deathwyrm and EE Fotp and after that, Short helped me flag Cerge for Legendary Shroud. Deathwyrm was… a bit tricky this week, as there were several ppl in the group who either didn’t know the raid well enough, or just wasn’t listening. I had Short help me sort the problems as well as we could. The raid took a bit longer than usually at 69/ 74 min. I noticed last time I did these raids that the clock does not stop when the raid finishes, so depending on when I took the screenshot, the time will differ.

Completion time on the first screenshot, notice the difference in the quest report below

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