EEraids 33

I’ve been away several Saturdays this fall/ winter, so I’ve skipped a lot of raid nights. But last Saturday (Dec 12) it was time for raids again. I put the lfm up a bit before 8.. and didn’t get any joiners, so I logged on a dual account to finish flagging them for doj. But before I had a chance to get very far, I had 4 others in the group, so had to boot the other account.

It didn’t take long before we had a full group and got going. But already at the second puzzle we started lagging and I called a restart. Second try was a bit better. Due to the restart, the party was much more together, and we did the trapped room. This path has changed since the last time I remember doing it. It used to have re-spawning mobs, now there were no mobs at all, just high dc traps. I think the guys who were trapping said you needed at least 102 for a success. For the second selection we ended up doing red light – green light. It was a lot less painful that some of the runs have been. Of course there were a lot of deaths, but no near wipe.

Cerge and the dracolich

For the end fight I wanted the party to drop the ragers, as we usually do. The problem, no one in the party had that much experience in it, so there was a bunch of trial and error before they got it done. But once they did, the raid progressed quite smoothly. The shadow side only needed 2-3 tries before they found the real phylactery and soon after we finished. My quest reports shows 72 min, but this is because the screenshot has been taken after everything was looted. The actual completion time was 69 min 4 s.

Only a couple of ppl left after deathwyrm and were quickly replaced. Rhunen wanted to switch to his ranger that wasn’t flagged, so I ran over to Dagan while he was switching and flagged him quickly. The raid itself went pretty well. I stayed in Unyielding Sentinel just so I could have max aggro in case we needed to split the dragons. Turns out I had a little bit too much, though, as I pulled aggro off the assigned kiter too. 🙂 Anyway, the run was pretty standard and I believe we hit a record time of 19 min.

After the standard raids I asked the group if they wanted to run something else.. and got doj, citw, fot back. I decided to post for EE FoT. This one took a bit longer to fill and we waited for a couple of ppl who went to run ToR (because one of them were missing it to be flagged). The run itself wasn’t that exciting. We had a few deaths. I was on SR, Lubash on TO and Cheri was kiting the undead. I told them I would need a bit of help with dps on SR.. and then it was over.

Cerge getting ready to tank the SR

I asked again after FoT what the party wanted to do. One guy wanted citw.. but the rest wanted doj. My plan was to do an eN run where we’d wait for bombardment and look for safe spots. I’ve been thinking of potential tactics for ee doj. Most of the party stayed, I think we only got one person from the lfm. The run was really smooth and the bombardment testing was quite relaxed. The whole party seemed to be cool with it. Once we were done testing we finished the raid and looted.

Most of the party left after doj, but I decided to post for EE citw for the person who wanted it, and we started short man (mainly because I don’t like waiting). It didn’t take long, though, before ppl started hitting the lfm. The run was really smooth with only a few deaths, most of them in the leg fight. The end fight I wanted to do like I usually do on EE, fight below instead of up top. Then as we were done fighting lolth and had cleared the portal.. there was only one portal keeper left alive, and no necro at all. I thought we were gonna fail getting Ana through, but didn’t and finished wthout any issues.

Cerge in EE CitW

Okidoke, that was my raid night. After citw I logged off.


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