The missing blog; Cerge eTR 4

I started mapping my toons reincarnations and I could not find a blog about Cerge’s 4th eTR. I was looking through my blogs, and I knew he had 5 epic past lives: 1 x colors of the queen, 2 x power over life and death and 2 x double strike. I knew he took colors of the queen when he TR’d into barcher, first power over life and death when he TR’d into fvs and the other during fvs life. I knew his 5th eTR was during his cleric life.. and I thought his 4th was too, but I could just not find any documentation.

But then I remembered… I usually take a few screenshots during eTR, if not the before and after, I take pics of the xp received from picking up sagas. I found his before and after picture in the pic library. He eTRd January 31, 2015. Here are his before and after pics.

🙂 that’s all folks. I just wanted to add Cerge’s 4th eTR to the blog


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