EEraids 32

This week I did not even have the lfm up, when Short started sending me tells about him and a few of his guildies joining the raids. I was having some home made pizza (lol) and didn’t want to put the post up until I was done. Anyway, I put the lfm up when I was done, and was immediately joined by short and a few others. I told them I did not want to start until we were at least 8. I didn’t have to wait too long before I had enough ppl to start, and shortly after I had a full party. We progressed well, and we didn’t need to go back and get anyone. I had said at the start to say asap if you get lost, as I will not baby you or think for you.. but that we can come get you if you just say so.

EEraids 32 – Temple of the Deathwyrm

We got the jump room and tower and in the end fight we found the real phylactery on the second try. I believe this was our fastest completion so far, with 45 min.

Only one person left after deathwyrm, and he was quickly replaced. As we were about to start fotp, we started lagging so I called a restart. I also had at least one newbie in the group, so I was explaining a little bit extra. We had a few issues splitting the dragons, but other than that it was a pretty standard run. Fotp took about 25 min.

EEraids 32 – Fire on Thunder Peak

As we were finishing up  EE Fotp, Titus asked in channel if I could consider doing EE CitW as well. I thought about it for a moment, then decided to do it. Again, most of the group stayed on, I had a spot for Titus and I believe only one more spot. This raid felt very easy in comparison to Deathwyrm, and we had no real issues. We finished in 42 min and got all 6 chests.

EE Caught in the Web, all 6 chests

I didn’t die, so the report is not showing deaths. Total deaths were: 7

I lost my party after citw, but saw that Storms had an lfm up for EE FoT, with one spot left. I jumped on it. Storms put me on SR, and helped me dps a little as TO was getting prepped quickly. I didn’t really check the quest report for this, but it was a pretty quick run.

I wasn’t that tired, but didn’t feel like running more after FoT, so I logged for the night.

That’s all folks. 🙂


7 comments on “EEraids 32

    • I rememnered you said 42 for dw. I’m thinking it might be that the timer doesn’t stop on completion. I took the dw screenies after we had finished looting, but fotp before.

  1. The Shadow and Fire Dragon runs went pretty smoothly this time around, thanks for posting on EE and I’ll keep an eye out for future lfms!

  2. People knew the raid mechanic and contribute through out to speed things along. I want to clarified the completion time I mentioned is relating to how well people knew the content and not a race against time. We couldn’t have completed with these time without everyone being involved through out the whole raid. Great group of pugs as always

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