EEraids 31

Last week we were having a party for Darth’s birthday, so I didn’t do the raids, but this week I was back at it. I posted a bit early. Osi sent me a party invite when I logged on, but as I wanted to do my raids, I told him no, and didn’t accept. Right after I put the lfm up, Durk told me he’s bringing a few ppl to the raid, and not too long after I had a full party and we got started. We got as far as the last puzzle, when we lag froze and almost wiped. I called a restart. As I was coming back to Thunderholme, I got stuck in the loading screen and decided to kill my client, which in turn got me stuck in “Cleaning up old connection” – mode. Took me longer than I would have wanted to get back in and once I did I had lost 4 ppl.

EEraids 31 – the group and the dead dracolich

When I was back in I put the lfm up and we gave it a second try. I had a few new ppl in the party, but Durk was explaining to them what to do in an outside game chat, and I also asked him to lead shadow side. The dl team was struggling a bit, and it took several tries before we found the real phylactery, but in the end we finished after 81 min 40s with 32 deaths. I killed myself in the beam after completion to get the deaths on the quest report.

I asked ppl if they wanted to stay for Fire on Thunder Peak, and most did. This raid has gotten a lot harder since the patch… I went from having no wipes, to having two – last time and now again, first try was a wipe. I run my raids as byoh, but after the wipe, Sarghi said he was gonna heal ppl, as ppl were taking too much damage. Short also joined on a ranged toon and I asked him to take one of the dragons. Second try was a success and we finished in 29 min 17 s.

EEraids 31 – the group in Fire on Thunder Peak

I had coffee before I started running the raids, so I wasn’t really tired. I didn’t feel like attempting doj or mod EE after the struggles to complete the previous ones, so I checked Cerge’s raid completions and decided to post for eN mod. For the first completion, several of the ppl from the EEraids stayed and helped us completed. For the second run I ended up having to wait much longer, but as we decided to start ppl started hitting the lfm and we ran with an almost full group. The raid itself wasn’t too difficult.

Someone used a skull grenade on one of the beholders in MoD, lol.

That is all I have for you for this time. Ty for stopping by and have a great day.


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