EEraids 30

Last week the raids were a bust. I had my lfm up for EE Deathwyrm for about 3 h and I only had 3 ppl join in those hours, of which all left after a while. I was dual boxing with friend’s account, flagging his toons for doj, so I wasn’t in that much of a hurry, but when I started to feel like I was too tired to run the raid, I took the lfm down.

EE deathwyrm team no 26

This week things were a bit different. I was getting ready to get back to flagging friend’s toons for doj when I suddenly had 4 ppl in the party (+ me and friend’s toon)… so I quit the flagging thing, booted friend’s account and waited for a few more. When we were 9 in the party I decided to get started. Some of the party members did really well, others kept dying… so I didn’t feel that confident about the run, until I had a full party. Getting to end fight was a bit of a struggle, but not impossible. For the end fight, Grandern took lead of shadow side, I was on dragon and Khyleeh and Arrienne did the death lords. It took us a bit to find the real phylactery, but in the end we finished after 82 min, with 52 deaths.

Fire on thunder peak was a different story. We were weak on dps, weak on self sufficiency.. The party members kept dying over and over and we could not progress the raid. After one hour we decided to give up. This was my first (non lag related) failure on this raid. Since my party wanted to try again, I put the lfm up and waited for a full group (or almost) before trying again. Take two was a wipe. A few from the group were still willing to try one last time, so on the third try I decided to adjust the roles a little. One of the dragon keepers from the previous runs got to focus on trash instead and someone else was assigned a dragon (I forgot who it was). This time we managed to push through, even though ppl were dying. We finished EE fotp in 34 min 47 s.

EE team Fire on Thunder Peak 27

Since fotp took so long, and the group had felt a bit weak, I decided it call it a night after the fotp completion.

That’s all folks, ty for stopping by and have a great day.


5 comments on “EEraids 30

  1. Sounds like the raids were much more of a challenge this past week for ya Micki!! Why do you think the raids were slow the week prior? Just folks running something else?

  2. Thanks for the raid leads Micki, I helped out with the Shadow and Fire Dragon runs although the Fire Dragon run ended up being quite a struggle. I heard on DDOCast that they bumped up the difficulty on level 30 content over the past couple weeks. Anyway, looking forward to the next one! – Grandern

    • 🙂 thank you for joining and for helping us complete.

      I have a few weekends booked up in November-December, so I will not be able to host the raids every week, but if I am available, I will post for them.

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